Can I have the cursor start on a particular column by default in jqgrid's edit mode?

When editing a row on jqgrid, the cursor automatically enters the left-most editable field. Is there a way to have it default to a particular column, or better yet, to whatever column I click on?


The implementation depend on the version of jqGrid and from the fork of jqGrid which you use.

If you use the latest version of free jqGrid then the code

onSelectRow: function (rowid, status, e) { var $self = $(this), savedRow = $self.jqGrid("getGridParam", "savedRow"); if (savedRow.length > 0 && savedRow[0].id !== rowid) { $self.jqGrid("restoreRow", savedRow[0].id); } $self.jqGrid("editRow", rowid, { focusField: e.target }); }, inlineEditing: { keys: true, defaultFocusField: "amount", focusField: "amount" }

see the demo. The above code uses e.target as the value of focusField property of jqGrid method editRow. As the result the focus will be set on the clicked cell. If the user clicks on non-editable cell, like on "rownumber" column for example, then the option defaultFocusField will be used and the focus will be set on the column "amount". I remind that free jqGrid uses inlineEditing option to specify default parameters of inline editing (see the wiki article for more details).

The option focusField of editRow is supported starting with version 4.7, but old version support only boolean and number values.


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