Change an a tag attribute in JavaScript based on screen width

I was trying to change the attribute of an a tag using media queries but I found out that media with a hyperlink is purely advisory. So, the alternative is to use JavaScript but I seem to be having trouble getting the screen.width to work.


function adjustHeight(){ var actual_width=screen.width; alert("width: " + actual_width); if(actual_width < 1281) { var h1= document.getElementById('procsLink').getAttribute('font-size'); alert("font-size: " + h1); h1 = 35px; document.getElementById('procsLink').setAttribute('<font></font>-size',h1) } return false; }

Here is my Jsfiddle of the code: http://jsfiddle.net/Arandolph01/2DVv9/

Note: I know there is a way to have the link still appear after 'click' so you can see the changed attribute. (Not sure how)

What do I need to do to get the JavaScript to recognize the screen size? Is my a tag correct?

Thank you.


Here is the problem, there is no id on that anchor tag so adjust your html like this: - added id to the anchor tag - removed the actual link so you can see the a tag change font size - removed the semicolon in the onclick

<span id="sigs" style="display: block;"> <li > <a id="procsLink" href="#" onclick="adjustHeight()" class="sigsLink" >Manage Signatures</a> </li> </span>

Than your css like this:

#procsLink{ font-size: 14px; }

And your JS like this:

function adjustHeight(){ var actual_width = window.innerWidth; if(actual_width < 1281) { var h1 = document.getElementById('procsLink'); var newFontSize = '35px'; h1.style.fontSize = newFontSize; } }


function adjustHeight(){ var actual_width =screen.width; alert("width: " + actual_width); if(actual_width < 1281) { var h1 = document.getElementById('procsLink').getAttribute('font-size'); alert("font-size: " + h1); h1 = "35px"; document.getElementById('procsLink').setAttribute('font-size',h1) } return false; }

Add quote to 35px ;)


You missed the semicolon after:


And add quote to 35px.

Well your code is working fine now, I updated your fiddle

function adjustHeight(){ var actual_width = screen.width; alert("width: " + actual_width + "px"); if(actual_width < 1281) { var h1 = document.getElementById('procsLink').getAttribute('font-size'); alert("font-size: " + h1); h1 = "35px"; document.getElementById('procsLink').setAttribute('<font></font>-size',h1); } return false; }


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