Cannot perform option-mapped operation with type: (Boolean, _57) => R

I have next filter

type DatabaseID = Long val filter = moderators.filter(m => (m.created < before) && (m.userType inSet userTypeList) && (if(true) m.mcID === mcIDFilter else true) )

where m.mcID has Rep[Option[models.DatabaseID]] type and mcIDFilter Option[models.DatabaseID].

Why i'm getting next error?

Cannot perform option-mapped operation with type: (Boolean, _57) => R for base type: (Boolean, Boolean) => Boolean

_57? What is it?

I have replaced condition with true for simplicity. If i remove line with condition or replace m.mcID === mcIDFilter with just true, code compiles fine.

Also if i remove if statement, it compiles without error:

val filter = moderators.filter(m => (m.created < before) && (m.userType inSet userTypeList) && m.mcID === mcIDFilter )

I found that this error appears when type one of operands have not the same type.

I also tried

val filter = moderators.filter(m => (m.created < before) && (m.userType inSet userTypeList) && (if(true) m.mcID === mcIDFilter else true:Rep[Boolean]) )

but without success.


Ok, i found how compile this. It's ugly, but work.

val filter = moderators.filter(m => (m.created < before) && (m.userType inSet userTypeList) && (if(true) m.mcID === mcIDFilter else Some(true):Rep[Option[Boolean]]) )


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