Importing jscolor library in angular 2

Im trying to get the JScolor library to work on my angular 2 site. Im fairly new so I dont have a clue what the problem is.

In my component I import the library like:

Import 'the/path/to/the/library';

And I give the html element the class jscolor so the library knows on which element it should work.

Is this just never gonna work since angular 2 framework just doesnt work like this or do I forget something?


In your index.html add a script tag to load the jscolor.js:

<script src='the/path/to/the/library'></script>

I generated a type defintion file for TypeScript which should basically work here: https://gist.github.com/rinukkusu/63ae4530561c89a95c9c3d716c0a7b3b

declare var jscolor: { dir: string; binding: boolean; preloading: boolean; install: () => void; init: () => void; getDir: () => any; detectDir: () => any; bind: () => void; preload: () => void; images: { pad: number[]; sld: number[]; cross: number[]; arrow: number[]; }; imgRequire: {}; imgLoaded: {}; requireImage: (filename: any) => void; loadImage: (filename: any) => void; fetchElement: (mixed: any) => any; addEvent: (el: any, evnt: any, func: any) => void; fireEvent: (el: any, evnt: any) => void; getElementPos: (e: any) => number[]; getElementSize: (e: any) => any[]; getMousePos: (e: any) => any[]; getViewPos: () => number[]; getViewSize: () => number[]; URI: (uri: any) => void; color: (target: any, prop: any) => void; };

In the component, or wherever you need it reference that type definition file like this at the top of your file:

///<reference path="path/to/the/jscolor.d.ts"/> <hr>

Alternatively you could look into https://github.com/Alberplz/angular2-color-picker


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