How to limit post in wp_query

Please anyone help to solve this. I need to limit post in wp_query.

I know how to limit post in wp_query

For example if this page id is 20, I am running the query:

function wpcodex_filter_main_search_post_limits( $limit, $query ) { if ( get_the_ID()==20 ) { return 'LIMIT 0, 12'; } return $limit; } add_filter( 'post_limits', 'wpcodex_filter_main_search_post_limits', 10, 2 );

But I need to set the limt as 25 to 35.

How to do this?

Even if I am placing return 'LIMIT 25, 35'; it is still showing first 35 products, not the posts between 25 to 35.

That query is like: LIMIT 10 OFFSET 15

Please help me.


The answer is… taratata!!!! :

function wpcodex_filter_main_search_post_limits( $limit, $query ) { if ( get_the_ID()==20 ) { return 'LIMIT 25, 10'; } return $limit; } add_filter( 'post_limits', 'wpcodex_filter_main_search_post_limits', 10, 2 );

Because in 'LIMIT 25, 10';, here 25 is the offset and 10 the number of posts to display. So that way it will display 10 products beginning with the product 26…

See this thread: Whats the difference between post_limits and pre_get_posts


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