How can I iterate over Pandas pivot table? (A multi-index dataframe?)

I have a pivot table I want to iterate over, to store in a database.

age weekly_income category_weekly_income category_age High income Middle aged 45.527721 15015.463667 Old 70.041456 14998.104486 Young 14.995210 15003.750822 Low income Middle aged 45.548155 1497.228548 Old 70.049987 1505.655319 Young 15.013538 1501.718198 Middle income Middle aged 45.516583 6514.830294 Old 69.977657 6494.626962 Young 15.020688 6487.661554

I've played with reshape, melt, various for loops, syntax stabs in the dark, chains of stacks, unstacks, reset_indexes, etc.. The closest I have got is the syntax:


With this I can pull individual value cells, however I then can't get the value of the indexes.


You don't need to iterate the dataframe, Pandas has already provided a method to convert dataframe to sql by DataFrame.to_sql(...).

Alternatively, if you want to manually insert data into database, you can use Pandas' to_csv(), for example:

I have a df like this:

df A B first second bar one 0.826425 -1.126757 two 0.682297 0.875014 baz one -1.714757 -0.436622 two -0.366858 0.341702 foo one -1.068390 -1.074582 two 0.863934 0.043367 qux one -0.510881 0.215230 two 0.760373 0.274389 <hr> # set header=False, and index=True to get the MultiIndex from pivot print df.to_csv(header=False, index=True) bar,one,0.8264252111679552,-1.1267570930327846 bar,two,0.6822970851678805,0.8750144682657339 baz,one,-1.7147570530422946,-0.43662238320911956 baz,two,-0.3668584476904599,0.341701643567155 foo,one,-1.068390451744478,-1.0745823278191735 foo,two,0.8639343368644695,0.043366628502542914 qux,one,-0.5108806384876237,0.21522973766619563 qux,two,0.7603733646419842,0.2743886250125428

This will provide you a nice comma-delimited format which will be easily be used in sql execute query, something like:

data = [] for line in df.to_csv(header=False, index=True).split('\n'): if line: data.append(tuple(line.split(','))) data [('bar', 'one', '0.8264252111679552', '-1.1267570930327846'), ('bar', 'two', '0.6822970851678805', '0.8750144682657339'), ('baz', 'one', '-1.7147570530422946', '-0.43662238320911956'), ('baz', 'two', '-0.3668584476904599', '0.341701643567155'), ('foo', 'one', '-1.068390451744478', '-1.0745823278191735'), ('foo', 'two', '0.8639343368644695', '0.043366628502542914'), ('qux', 'one', '-0.5108806384876237', '0.21522973766619563'), ('qux', 'two', '0.7603733646419842', '0.2743886250125428')]

Then it's only the matter of doing an executemany:

... stmt = "INSERT INTO table (first, second, A, B) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)" cursor.executemany(stmt, data) ...

Hope this helps.


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