Build own AppleScript numerical error handling

I'm wanting to build an app for validating projects using custom error numbers I've defined similar to:

try ## do something on error number -2700 display dialog "Foobar" end try

with the help of JSON Helper defining the list as:

tell application "JSON Helper" set myJSON to make JSON from {-1232:"missing definition", -123231:"foo", -1232314:"bar" } return myJSON end tell

however I do not see a way to do this after referencing:

    <li>Error Numbers and Error Messages</li> <li>Working with Errors</li> </ul>

    other then using a bloated conditional like:

    try open for access file "MyFolder:AddressData" with write permission on error msg number n from f to t partial result p if n = -49 then -- File already open error display dialog "I'm sorry but the file is already open." else error msg number n from f to t partial result p end if end try

    After researching I was unable to populate anything other than "What techniques work to handle errors in AppleScript so I can place a dialog?" so is there a way in AppleScript I can write error handling similar to Error Numbers and Error Messages documentation?


    It's possible with a property list items.

    This script put a record in a new property list item

    Use the error number as string to get the value in the property list items

    set myRecord to {|-1232|:"missing definition", |-123231|:"foo", |-1232314|:"bar", |-49|:"I'm sorry but the file is already open.", |-43|:"This file wasn’t found."} tell application "System Events" to set myPlist to make new property list item with properties {kind:record, value:myRecord} try open for access file "MyFolder:AddressData" with write permission on error number n tell application "System Events" to set r to value of first property list item of myPlist whose its name is (n as text) display alert r end try <hr>

    Question of <strong>JMichaelTX</strong>

    Here's a script to save a property list items to a <strong>PLIST</strong> file (In the <strong>Preferences</strong> folder in this example).

    set plistPath to (path to preferences folder as string) & "errorsMsgs.plist" tell application "System Events" set myPlist to make new property list item with properties {kind:record, value:myRecord} make new property list file with properties {contents:myPlist, name:plistPath} end tell


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