PHP: Calling a private method from within a class dying badly

So this might sound a little convoluted. Fingers crossed I come across clearly.

I'm working in an MVC framework in PHP.

I load a controller /report/index which calls to a helper

<? class ReportController extends Controller { public function index() { $foo = MainReport::get_data($_REQUEST); } } ?>

Inside the helper

<? class MainReport extends foo { public function get_data($_REQUEST) { // do stuff return $stuff_done; } } ?>

It I run it like ^this all's well and good. Unfortunately, I want to run it like this:

<? class MainReport extends foo { private function do_stuff() { // do even better stuff here! return $better_stuff; } public function get_data($_REQUEST) { // do stuff $x = $this->do_stuff(); } } ?>

Unfortunately... when I try and call a private function from within a class that I've called from elsewhere... (whew, that's a mouthful) ... everything dies. Dies so very very badly that I don't even get an error.

It seems obvious to me that I'm having an incredibly dorky sort of syntax issue of some sort... but how do I correctly access private functions from within a class?

Maybe something like: self::do_stuff();

What about declaring and accessing private class variables?

private $bar = array();

Any help would be welcome.


You are calling your function from a static context,


therefore $this does not exist while inside that function.

If you want to call another class function while inside a static context, you have to also call it statically.


public function get_data($_REQUEST) { // do stuff $x = MainReport::do_stuff(); }

Alternatively, you can create an instance of your class in the original call and use the instance:

$myMainReport = new MainReport(); $myMainReport->get_data($_REQUEST);

Then your class code will work as expected


I've just found that self:: does work as well

if I want to have private class variables, I can declare and access them using

private static $foo


self::$foo = "foo";

additionally a private function can be accessed with



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