Simplify where clause with repeated associated type restrictions

I wrote the following function to sum over an iterator:

fn sum_iter<I>( s : I, init : &I::Item ) -> I::Item where I : Iterator + Clone, <I as Iterator>::Item : Add< I::Item, Output = I::Item> + Copy { s.clone().fold(*init, |acc, item| acc + item) }

This compiles fine under rustc-1.0.0-beta, but it would be nice if one could avoid repeating I::Item four times and instead refer to a type T and say somewhere that Iterator::Item = T only once. What's the right way to do this?


Yes, you can simply add T as a type parameter for your function, and require I to implement Iterator<Item=T>, like this:

fn sum_iter<I, T>( s : I, init : &T ) -> T where I : Iterator<Item=T> + Clone, T : Add<T, Output=T> + Copy { s.clone().fold(*init, |acc, item| acc + item) }


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