ORA-29908: missing primary invocation for ancillary operator

I have an error that I can't seem to figure out. Anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong here? Please assume that images has place, subject, description, and testing appears several times in subject or place or description. Also, I did set the ConText initialization parameter TEXT_ENABLE to be true.

SELECT 4*SCORE(1) + 2*SCORE(2) + SCORE(3) AS RANK FROM images i WHERE CONTAINS(i.subject, 'testing', 1)>0 OR CONTAINS(i.place, 'testing', 2)>0 OR CONTAINS(i.description, 'testing', 3)>0 ORDER BY RANK;


I manged to solve the problem by surrounding the current query with another query and pulling the ORDER BY RANK to the outside query. Like so:

SELECT * FROM (SELECT 4*SCORE(1) + 2*SCORE(2) + SCORE(3) AS RANK FROM images i WHERE CONTAINS(i.subject, 'testing', 1)>0 OR CONTAINS(i.place, 'testing', 2)>0 OR CONTAINS(i.description, 'testing', 3)>0) ORDER BY RANK;


I can't reproduce on What is your DB version?

test script:

CREATE TABLE text_data ( txt1 VARCHAR2(4000), txt2 VARCHAR2(4000), txt3 VARCHAR2(4000) ); INSERT INTO text_data (SELECT text, text, text FROM all_source WHERE ROWNUM <= 1e4); CREATE INDEX txt1 ON text_data (txt1) INDEXTYPE IS ctxsys.context; CREATE INDEX txt2 ON text_data (txt2) INDEXTYPE IS ctxsys.context; CREATE INDEX txt3 ON text_data (txt3) INDEXTYPE IS ctxsys.context; SELECT 4 * SCORE(1) + 2 * SCORE(2) + SCORE(3) AS RANK FROM text_data i WHERE CONTAINS(i.txt1, 'FUNCTION', 1) > 0 OR CONTAINS(i.txt2, 'FUNCTION', 2) > 0 OR CONTAINS(i.txt3, 'FUNCTION', 3) > 0 ORDER BY RANK;


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