How to get next/previous record number?

How to get previous record number in SQL Server?

Data Table:

Name | SO No. ----------------- Adrian | SO-00001 Adrian | SO-00002 Bianca | SO-00003 Carrie | SO-00004 Adrian | SO-00005 Bianca | SO-00006 Adrian | SO-00007

How can I get the result as below:

Name | SO No. | Previous SO ------------------------------- Adrian | SO-00005 | SO-00002


This one will work the same in all major RDBMS (including SQL Server and MySql)

<strong>UPDATED</strong> based on your comments

SELECT name, so_no, ( SELECT MAX(so_no) FROM table1 WHERE so_no < t.so_no AND name = t.name ) prev_so_no FROM table1 t WHERE so_no = 'SO-00005'

<strong>SQL Server:</strong>

<strong>UPDATED</strong> based on your comments

SELECT name, MAX(so_no) so_no, CASE WHEN MAX(so_no) = MIN(so_no) THEN NULL ELSE MIN(so_no) END prev_so_no FROM ( SELECT TOP 2 t1.name, t1.so_no FROM table1 t1 JOIN table1 t2 ON t1.name = t2.name WHERE t2.so_no = 'SO-00005' AND t1.so_no <= t2.so_no ORDER BY so_no DESC ) q GROUP BY name

if you're using <strong>SQL Server 2012</strong> then you can also utilize analytic function LAG

SELECT name, so_no, prev_so_no FROM ( SELECT name, so_no, LAG(so_no, 1, NULL) OVER (ORDER BY so_no) prev_so_no, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY so_no DESC) rnum FROM table1 WHERE name = 'Adrian' AND so_no <= 'SO-00005' ) q WHERE rnum = 1


SELECT TOP 1 name, so_no, prev_so_no FROM ( SELECT name, so_no, LAG(so_no, 1, NULL) OVER (ORDER BY so_no) prev_so_no FROM table1 WHERE name = 'Adrian' AND so_no <= 'SO-00005' ) q ORDER BY so_no DESC


SELECT name,         MAX(so_no) so_no,         CASE WHEN MAX(so_no) = MIN(so_no)              THEN NULL             ELSE MIN(so_no)        END prev_so_no   FROM (   SELECT name, so_no     FROM table1    WHERE name = 'Adrian'      AND so_no <= 'SO-00005'    ORDER BY so_no DESC    LIMIT 2 ) q    GROUP BY name


SELECT name, SUBSTRING_INDEX(so_no, ',', 1) so_no, CASE WHEN SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(so_no, ',', 2), ',', -1) = SUBSTRING_INDEX(so_no, ',', 1) THEN NULL ELSE SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(so_no, ',', 2), ',', -1) END prev_so_no FROM ( SELECT name, GROUP_CONCAT(so_no ORDER BY so_no DESC) so_no FROM table1 WHERE name = 'Adrian' AND so_no <= 'SO-00005' GROUP BY name ) q <hr>

Output for all queries:

|   NAME |    SO_NO | PREV_SO_NO |
| Adrian | SO-00005 |   SO-00002 |

Here is <strong>SQLFiddle</strong> demo (<strong>SQL Server 2008</strong>) UPDATED Here is <strong>SQLFiddle</strong> demo (<strong>SQL Server 2012</strong>) Here is <strong>SQLFiddle</strong> demo (<strong>MySQL</strong>)


Try with offset, this way was not so clean but perhaps can help you with

SELECT name as "Name", (SELECT so_no FROM table WHERE name LIKE '%Adrian%' ORDER BY so_no DESC LIMIT 1) as "SO No.", (SELECT so_no FROM table WHERE name LIKE '%Adrian%' ORDER BY so_no DESC OFFSET 1 LIMIT 1) as "Previous SO" FROM table WHERE name LIKE '%Adrian%' LIMIT 1;

Sorry for bad query, kind of newbie also :(


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