Dynamic cast to generic type in Java

Here is a trivial example I have put together:

private static <T> T getValue(T defaultValue) { if (defaultValue instanceof Boolean) { return (T) true; } return defaultValue; }

Essentially, I wish to return "true" if T is of boolean type. However, I get a compile error that boolean cannot be cast to T.

How do I do it?

Also, is there a way to check if T is of type boolean? Regards.



return (T) true;


return (T) Boolean.TRUE;

This will work as Boolean.True is an instance of class Boolean. The value "true" is of the primitive type boolean.


true is a primitive type and you want to return an Object. You should wrap true in an object.

This works:

private static <T> T getValue(T defaultValue) { if (defaultValue instanceof Boolean) { return (T)Boolean.valueOf(true); } return defaultValue; }


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