Rearranging Cells in UITableView Bug & Saving Changes

When rearranging cells in my <strong>custom</strong> UITableView I am encountering a bug where for e.g.

If I am rearranging 1,2,3,4,5 and I move cell 1 to the end where cell 5 is then what happens is all the cells rename themselves to whichever cell they are replacing. So instead of the new order being 2,3,4,5,1 it becomes 1(2),2(3),3(4),4(5),1(moved cell).

In my core data model I have two entities one for <strong>Folder</strong> and another for <strong>Items</strong>. It is a to many relationship of type NSSet so Folder can have many Items. Items have a property called index of type Int and <strong>represents the items order in the array</strong> & the Folder has transient property called arrayOfItems which of type transformable. This returns an array of the Items ordered by their index value.

The console prints out end of didmovecell function <strong>but not</strong> Moved cell.

table.didMoveCellFromIndexPathToIndexPathBlock = {(fromIndexPath: NSIndexPath, toIndexPath: NSIndexPath) -> Void in func tableView(tableView: UITableView, moveRowAtIndexPath sourceIndexPath: NSIndexPath, toIndexPath destinationIndexPath: NSIndexPath) { let itemThatMoved = self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems[sourceIndexPath.row] self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems.removeAtIndex(sourceIndexPath.row) self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems.insert(itemThatMoved, atIndex:destinationIndexPath.row ) var currentIndex = 0 for item in self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems { item.index=currentIndex currentIndex++ println("Moved cell") } } println("end of didmovecell function") }

Any ideas why this might be happening and how I can save the changes to my core data model e.g. updating the item Index value.

PS: I have tested didMoveCellFromIndexPathToIndexPathBlock for my custom UITableView <strong>without using core data</strong> with a basic array called Objects. It worked fine with something like this;

table.didMoveCellFromIndexPathToIndexPathBlock = {(fromIndexPath: NSIndexPath, toIndexPath: NSIndexPath) -> Void in self.objects.exchangeObjectAtIndex(toIndexPath.row, withObjectAtIndex: fromIndexPath.row) }


Ok, if you need to keep the blocks then change your code to:

table.didMoveCellFromIndexPathToIndexPathBlock = {(fromIndexPath: NSIndexPath, toIndexPath: NSIndexPath) -> Void in let itemThatMoved = self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems[fromIndexPath.row] self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems.removeAtIndex(fromIndexPath.row) self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems.insert(itemThatMoved, atIndex:toIndexPath.row ) var currentIndex = 0 for item in self.selectedFolder.arrayOfItems { item.index=currentIndex currentIndex++ } // at this point call saveContext() to ensure that rearrangement is saved in Core Data }

Previously you had a function wrapped in your block. You were calling the block but the function within it was never called :)


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