Get column names and values in for loop PHP

I would like to get all column names and values from a specific table. The fields in this table aren't fixed, so sometimes there will be added one field by the user and they also can be removed. What I want to do is retrieve all column names and getting the values of it. As far as I am now is retrieving the column names and getting one value out of it. I know why I get this result, but I don'tknow how to fix it.

//I edited this sql, normally the table value and id are variable $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$_POST['moduleName']." WHERE modItemID= ".$_POST['modItemID']; $query = mysql_query($sql); $columns = mysql_num_fields($query); for($i = 1; $i < $columns; $i++) { //read field name $fieldName = mysql_field_name($query,$i); while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query,$i)){ echo $fieldName."=".$row[$fieldName]; } }

result: naam=Ketting


mysql_fetch_assoc returns an associative array. You can use a foreach loop to retreive the key=>value of each item in the array.

$sql = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE modItemID= 14"; $query = mysql_query($sql); $columns = mysql_num_fields($query); for($i = 1; $i < $columns; $i++) { //read field name $fieldName = mysql_field_name($query,$i); while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query,$i)){ foreach($row as $column=>$value) { echo "$column = $value\n"; } echo $fieldName."=".$row[$fieldName]; } }


Actually really easy solution to your problem would be to use foreach loop, like so:

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) { foreach($row as $key => $value) { echo "$key=$value"; } }


Just Put your Database name,username,password and table name.

You get all data from your main database (with column name)

<?php function qry($q){ global $qry; try { $host = "?"; $dbname = "?"; $username = "?"; $password = "?"; $dbcon = new PDO("mysql:host=$host; dbname=$dbname","$username","$password"); } catch (Exception $e) { echo "ERROR ".$e->getMEssage(); } $qry = $dbcon->query($q); $qry->setFetchMode(PDO:: FETCH_OBJ); return $qry; } echo "<table>"; /*Get Colums Names in table row */ $columns = array(); $qry1= qry("SHOW COLUMNS FROM Your_table_name"); while (@$column = $qry1->fetch()->Field) { echo "<td>".$column."</td>"; $columns[] = $column; } echo "<tr>"; /* Fetch all data into a html table * $qry2 = qry("SELECT * FROM Your_table_name"); while ( $details = $qry2->fetch()) { echo "<tr>"; foreach ($columns as $c_name) { echo "<td>".$details->$c_name."</td>"; } } echo "</table>"; ?>


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