Issue when using manifestmerger in release mode

In the last Android SDK Tools, you can merge AndroidManifest from librairies using the manifestmerger.enabled property :

Build System Added automatic merging of library project manifest files into the including project's manifest. Enable this feature with the manifestmerger.enabled property.

It works great...but only in debug mode ! Indeed, when i release my app in Eclipse using 'right click on projet' > 'Export...' > 'Export Android Application', the generated AndroidManifest.xml contained in apk doesn't contain elements from my library. Any idea ? Do I have to use an Ant script to release my app and make the merging feature working ?


Try using the latest Android SDK and ADT plugin. The problem you mentioned is already solved according to the following post:

android - using the new “manifestmerger” property

They could be found here:


ADT Plugin


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