php design question - will a Helper help here?

I have to list several elements that are coming from a database source A and they are: team_id, team_name and team_score (translated for explanation sake).

I need to loop over them, and display that information.

So, I have, on the DAO side:

public function listOfTeams() { $select = $this->select() ->from(array('t'=>'teams'), array('cod_team','name','score')); return $this->fetchAll($select); }

On my team controller:

public function listAction() { $teamsDao = new TeamsDao(); $this->view->infoTeam = $teamsDao->listOfTeams(); }

And at the view:

<?php for($i = 0; $i < 30; $i++): ?> <?php if(isset($this->infoTeam[$i])): ?>

Now, the thing is, on each of those listed items, I need to add more information.

That information doesn't come directly from a database, but it's a result of some calculations.

Take for example the percentage of games done. (translated);

$totalGamesNumber > 0 ? ($gamesDone*100)/$totalGamesNumber : 0);

So, I need to grab the total games number from the database, then, for each team, I need to have the number of games done, so that I can have the percentage to be displayed.

The $gamesDone are obtained by:

$gameTeamDao->countGamesPerTeam($gameVo, $teamVo);

I'm stuck here, because I cannot see where/how should I call and make the method for calculating the percentage, in order to allow the percentage of games completed to be presented along with the other data.

Can I have some help out of this mud ?

If you had to write a helper for this, more or less, how will it looked like?

Thanks in advance, MEM

PS - If you need more detailed information. I can provide. I could be forgeting something that for me is taken, but that, for those who want to help it isn't. So, just let me know. Thanks a lot again.

Update: translated all post to English for help sake.


Since you are using ZF, you could make all this computations in the table row's class. Here's how. Let's say your teams class is called Application_Model_DbTable_Teams.

class Application_Model_DbTable_Teams extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract { protected $_name = 'teams'; // table name protected $_id = 'teamId'; // table primary key // rows returned by fetchAll() will be of this class protected $_rowClass = 'Application_Model_DbRow_Teams'; }

Then you need to create the Application_Model_DbRow_Teams class where you will put the extra calculations

class Application_Model_DbRow_Teams extends Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract { public $percentGamesDone; public function init() { // This method gets called automatically by ZF when you instantiate a new // object from this class // This is where you will put your extra calculations, // like percentage games done, etc $this->percentGamesDone = $this->getPercentGames(); } public function getPercentGames() { $calculation = 3; // replace this with real data return $calculation; } }

Once you've done this, you can simply use any of the row's declared properties (like percentGameDone) directly from the view as they will be calculated right when you instanciate the rows.


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