Arrays break string types in Julia

Is the following by design?

ASCIIString <: String returns true, but Array{ASCIIString,1} <: Array{String,1} returns false.

Perhaps this is a bug, and I should make a pull request on github. (I'm running v0.4.0-dev+6210)


just convert my comment into an answer:

the answer to your question is YES. As julia's document says:

in the parlance of type theory, Julia’s type parameters are invariant, rather than being covariant (or even contravariant).

in the misleading case below, one may find that

julia> Int64 <: Int true julia> Array{Int64,1} <: Array{Int,1} true

this is because Int and Int64 are the same type.

julia> xdump(Int) Int64::DataType <: Signed julia> xdump(Int64) Int64::DataType <: Signed julia> xdump(Array{Int,1}) Array{Int64,1}::DataType <: DenseArray{Int64,1} julia> xdump(Array{Int64,1}) Array{Int64,1}::DataType <: DenseArray{Int64,1}

we can use typejoin to checkout the relationship between type A and type B and their corresponding "arrays".

julia> typejoin(Int64,Int) Int64 julia> typejoin(Array{Int64,1},Array{Int,1}) Array{Int64,1}


julia> typejoin(ASCIIString,String) String julia> typejoin(Array{String,1},Array{ASCIIString,1}) Array{T,N} (constructor with 9 methods)


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