Is there a mandatory requirement to switch app.yaml?

Folks, I'm using the recently released Google Cloud SDK 0.9.56 on Windows 7x64. When trying to gcloud deploy my app using web.xml and appengine-web.xml, I get a response:

ERROR: Found no valid App Engine configuration files in directory

When trying to do the same with apps defined with app.yaml there were no issues. Teammates with older SDK versions don't seem to have an issue. Is there a mandatory requirement to use app.yaml in all apps?

P.S: This question might be related but its actually a different issue.


sorry about this.

That question you linked is actually the same issue. You can use the new maven plugin described there to translate your appengine-web.xml to app.yaml automatically. We have a gradle plugin coming out very soon to do the same thing.

If you'd like to keep using gcloud directly without Maven or Gradle, you'll need to translate the appengine-web.xml to an app.yaml for now.

Let me know if I can help.


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