Transpose CSV data with awk (pivot transformation)

my CSV data looks like this:

Indicator;Country;Value no_of_people;USA;500 no_of_people;Germany;300 no_of_people;France;200 area_in_km;USA;18 area_in_km;Germany;16 area_in_km;France;17 proportion_males;USA;5.3 proportion_males;Germany;7.9 proportion_males;France;2.4

I want my data to look like this:

Country;no_of_people;area_in_km;proportion_males USA;500;18;5.3 Germany;300;16;7.9 France;200;17;2.4

There are more Indicators and more countries than listed here.

Pretty large files (number of rows something with 5 digits). Looked around for some transpose threads, but nothing matched my situation (also I'm quite new to awk, so I couldn't change the code I found to fit my data).

Thanks for your help. Regards Ad


Using awk and maintaining the order of output:

awk -F\; ' NR>1 { if(!($1 in indicators)) { indicator[++types] = $1 }; indicators[$1]++ if(!($2 in countries)) { country[++num] = $2 }; countries[$2]++ map[$1,$2] = $3 } END { printf "%s;" ,"Country"; for(ind=1; ind<=types; ind++) { printf "%s%s", sep, indicator[ind]; sep = ";" } print ""; for(coun=1; coun<=num; coun++) { printf "%s", country[coun] for(val=1; val<=types; val++) { printf "%s%s", sep, map[indicator[val], country[coun]]; } print "" } }' file Country;no_of_people;area_in_km;proportion_males USA;500;18;5.3 Germany;300;16;7.9 France;200;17;2.4


If the number of Ind fields is fixed, you can do:

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=";"} {a[$2,$1]=$3; count[$2]} END {for (i in count) print i, a[i,"Ind1"], a[i, "Ind2"], a[i, "Ind3"]}' file


    <li>BEGIN{FS=OFS=";"} set input and output field separator as semicolon.</li> <li>{a[$2,$1]=$3; count[$2]} get list of countries in count[] array and values of each Ind on a["country","Ind"] array.</li> <li>END {for (i in count) print i, a[i,"Ind1"], a[i, "Ind2"], a[i, "Ind3"]} print the summary of the values.</li> </ul>


    $ awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=";"} {a[$2,$1]=$3; count[$2]} END {for (i in count) print i, a[i,"Ind1"], a[i, "Ind2"], a[i, "Ind3"]}' file France;200;17;2.4 Germany;300;16;7.9 USA;500;18;5.3 <hr>


    unfortunately, the number of Indicators is not fixed. Also, they are not named like "Ind1", "Ind2" etc. but are just strings.' I clarified my question.

    $ awk -v FS=";" '{a[$2,$1]=$3; count[$2]; indic[$1]} END {for (j in indic) printf "%s ", j; printf "\n"; for (i in count) {printf "%s ", i; for (j in indic) printf "%s ", a[i,j]; printf "\n"}}' file proportion_males no_of_people area_in_km France 2.4 200 17 Germany 7.9 300 16 USA 5.3 500 18

    To have ; separated, do replace each space with ;:

    $ awk -v FS=";" '{a[$2,$1]=$3; count[$2]; indic[$1]} END {for (j in indic) printf "%s ", j; printf "\n"; for (i in count) {printf "%s ", i; for (j in indic) printf "%s ", a[i,j]; printf "\n"}}' file | tr ' ' ';' proportion_males;no_of_people;area_in_km; France;2.4;200;17; Germany;7.9;300;16; USA;5.3;500;18;


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