Converting MP3 duration time

I'm using my iTunes library to get data from about 1,100 mp3s and I'm running into a small issue in getting the duration of the library into minutes and seconds.

$duration = 1893642; $minutes = bcmod(($duration / 60), 60); $seconds = bcmod($duration, 60); echo $minutes.":".$seconds; //returns 0:42

The problem is that this specific MP3 is actually 31:42. Any thoughts on why this isn't working?


$minutes = bcmod(($duration / 60), 60);

is taking the minutes modulo 60. Unless your track is over an hour it will always say 0. You want it to be

$minutes = floor($duration / 60);


<strong>Try</strong> this function

function formatTime($secs) { $times = array(3600, 60, 1); $time = ''; $tmp = ''; for($i = 0; $i < 3; $i++) { $tmp = floor($secs / $times[$i]); if($tmp < 1) { $tmp = '00'; } elseif($tmp < 10) { $tmp = '0' . $tmp; } $time .= $tmp; if($i < 2) { $time .= ':'; } $secs = $secs % $times[$i]; } return $time; }


Not sure if the following function was available when this question was written, but as it's a question I've been asking myself so here goes.

I used the answer above:

$seconds = bcmod($row{'playtime_seconds'}, 60); $minutes = floor($row{'playtime_seconds'} / 60); $hours = floor($minutes / 60);

Which works for the majority of times, but there is no padding - so you can end up with 20:1 when it should be 20:01 - and it's not to good over an hour - one length comes in at length="1:70:9" - so an alternative is to use the "date" function.

<?=date("H:i:s", $duration); ?>

which returns <strong>00:31:42</strong> from that number of seconds


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