How to debug “Terminating in response to backboardd's termination”

Currently I am working on app with huge images processing. Nothing unusual, but sometimes in complety random case my app is terminated due to backboardd crash. Without any errors, exceptions etc. I checked memory warings, nothing, no memory warnings at all, then I checked memory leaks with instruments, still nothing, then I checked backboard crash log ( http://pastebin.com/fk4DLwGL) I can not find any clue there.

What I can do more to track down this error?


You'll need to symbolicate that crash report I think as line 24: 4 backboardd 0x000000010005ad60 0x100054000 + 28000 gives some info on the crash but its had the symbols stripped.

See this from Apple or this answer for more information.


I found problem, in my app i made a custom side view controller implementation and I didn't queue animation actions for reveal a right and a left side view. That why i think spring board got crash (too many the same animations). I switched to similar open source controller with animation queue and now everything works.


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