How to get number of specific rows from a different table in a subquery

I know it's possible, but I'm not experienced enough to know how to do subqueries. Here's the situation:

Table 1: +--------------------+--------------------+ | v_id | v_name | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 1 | v_name1 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | etc... Table 2: +--------------------+--------------------+ | a_id | a_name | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 1 | a_name1 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | etc... Table 3: +--------------------+--------------------+ | v_id | a_id | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 1 | 1 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 1 | 2 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 1 | 3 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 2 | 3 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | 2 | 1 | +--------------------+--------------------+

I believe this is a quite common situation. So, I have unique entries in Table 1 and Table 2. I want to SELECT all rows from Table 1 and get (as the last cell in each row) the number of rows with the corresponding value in Table 3.

This doesn't work:

SELECT t1.* , COUNT(SELECT t3.* FROM `table_3` t3 WHERE t3.v_id = t1.v_id) as entries FROM `table 1` t1;

I'm sure I'm gonna be told off by experts here that it's all wrong, but frankly, that's what I'm looking for (and some helpful solution as well!). ;)



SELECT t1.*, COALESCE(x.num_rows, 0) AS entries FROM `table 1` t1 LEFT JOIN (SELECT t3.v_id, COUNT(*) 'num_rows' FROM `table_3` t3 GROUP BY t3.v_id) x ON x.v_id = t1.v_id


SELECT t1.* , (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `table_3` t3 WHERE t3.v_id = t1.v_id) as t3Count as entries FROM `table 1` t1;


SELECT T1.v_id, COALESCE(COUNT(T3.v_id), 0) FROM Table1 AS T1 LEFT JOIN Table3 AS T3 ON T1.v_id = T3.v_id GROUP BY T1.v_id


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