How to get icons for entities from eclipse?

I am writing an eclipse plugin. How do I get the various images from eclipse library? So I don't have have keep a local set of images for the standard entities, e.g classes, interfaces, junits, etc.

<strong>EDIT :</strong> I used PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getSharedImages().getImage(ISharedImages.IMG_OBJ_FILE) from the article : http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Using%20Images%20In%20Eclipse/Using%20Images%20In%20Eclipse.html. That did not work.


The code is correct (AFAIK), but not all Shared Images are available like that. I suggest experimenting with various constants (e.g. IMG_ELCL_REMOVEALL works in a project of mine).


You can do it like this method:

public Image getImage() { ImageDescriptor descriptor = Activator.getImageDescriptor("$nl$/icons/xxx.png"); return descriptor.createImage(); }


You can use Image browser view. See here Refer this post for using eclipse standard images/icons in your plugin


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