A cron job substitute?

I'm in the middle of an installation of Boonex's Dolphin 7. It requires me to set up a cron job that will run every 1 minute. However, my hosting provider allows me to run crons once every 30 minutes minimum. I have used CMSs that have a substitute for that - a script that replaces cron. Is there such a script that I can use for dolphin? .. a name or a link would be nice.


If you have a high traffic page, you could try using PHP PsuedoCron (http://www.bitfolge.de/?l=en&s=pseudocron) which uses the high traffic page to run PHP scripts. It supports crontab style scheduling and has worked out as a quick fix for shared hosting in the past.


Is that cronjob essential for the application? Otherwise, 30 minutes is also ok


It requires me to set up a cron job that will run every 1 minute

Then go find a different program to do the same job. This the wrong way to solve <strong>any</strong> problem, and hints at very poor programming practices.


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