AngularJs get employee from factory

I've got a employeeController and a employeeFactory in the employeeFactory I receive an employee like this:

function employeeFactory(authenticationFactory,requestFactory,GLOBALS) { var factory = {}; var vm = this; vm.employee = {}; factory.getEmployee = function(id) { data = {"api_token": authenticationFactory.getToken()}; url = GLOBALS.url + 'show/employee/' + id; requestFactory.post(url, data) .then(function (response) { return vm.employee = response.data.result.Employee; }, function () { $window.location.assign('/'); }); } return factory; }

In my controller I'm trying to receive it like this:


But the result is null?

When I console.log the response in my requestFactory I receive an employee object. What am I doing wrong?


Reason behind it is, you missed to return promise of requestFactory.post from factory.getEmployee method


factory.getEmployee = function(id) { data = {"api_token": authenticationFactory.getToken()}; url = GLOBALS.url + 'show/employee/' + id; return requestFactory.post(url, data) .then(function (response) { return vm.employee = response.data.result.Employee; }, function () { $window.location.assign('/'); }); }

But even though you do it, you will not able to get value employee object printed. It will print promise object return by $http.post method/ $resource method

For getting hold on that object you need to use .then function over that promise object. like below

employeeFactory.getEmployee($routeParams.id).then(function(employee){ console.log('Employee', employee) })


We can use deferred api in angularjs for better communication between caller and service.

factory.getEmployee = function(id) { var deferred = $q.defer(); data = {"api_token": authenticationFactory.getToken()}; url = GLOBALS.url + 'show/employee/' + id; return requestFactory.post(url, data) .then(function (response) { deferred.resolve(response.data.result.Employee); }, function () { deferred.reject(); }); return deferred.promise; }

On your controller:

employeeFactory.getEmployee($routeParams.id).then(function(employee){ console.log('Employee', employee) },function(){ $window.location.assign('/'); })

By this approach we can notify caller with some messages if your response gets delayed. For more info see this link. angular promises


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