trying to dynamically update Highchart column chart but series undefined

I am trying to update an existing highcharts column chart with new information from a service. I am trying to do this by using the setdata method on the series but the series in "undefined". I am very new to this type of programming so I have no ideal what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Code is below:

$('#chart22').highcharts({ colors: ['#FBB369', '#7798BF'], chart: { type: 'column' }, title: { text: 'Some Data' }, xAxis: { categories: ['Cat1', 'Cat2'] }, yAxis: { title: { text: 'Amount' }, labels: { formatter: function() { return this.value / 1000000000 +'B'; } } }, credits: { enabled: false }, exporting: { enabled: false }, series: [{ name: 'Amount', data: [-3450000000.25, 3670000000.35] }] }); setInterval(function() { getData(); }, 30000); function getData(){ console.log("retrieving data from server "); var url = "http://localhost/someserver call"; $.getJSON (url, function (Data44) { var data = data44; //we are good here // update the series data chart22.series[0].setData(data); chart22.series.setData(data); //both give the error that series is undefined ???? }); }


You haven't created the variable chart22 so it's no surprise that properties are undefined.

Try this

var timerId = setInterval(function() { console.log("retrieving data from server "); var url = "http://localhost/someserver call"; $.getJSON(url, function(data) { $('#chart22').highcharts().series[0].setData(data); }); }, 30000);

The JSFiddle demo for Series.setData should have shown you exactly what to do.


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