C++ Binary Tree error: request for member (X) in (Y) which is of non-class type (Z)

Hey all, so I am trying to build a simple binary tree that has two keys and evaluates the sum for its sorting. Here is what it's looking like:

struct SumNode { int keyA; int keyB; SumNode *left; SumNode *right; }; class SumBTree { public: SumBTree(); ~SumBTree(); void insert(int, int); SumNode *search(int, int); SumNode *search(int); void destroy_tree(); private: SumNode *root; void insert(int,int, SumNode*); SumNode *search(int,int, SumNode*); SumNode *search(int, SumNode*); void destroy_tree(SumNode*); }; SumBTree::SumBTree() { root = NULL; } SumBTree::~SumBTree(){}; void SumBTree::insert(int a, int b, SumNode *leaf) { int sum = a + b; int leafsum = leaf->keyA + leaf->keyB; if (sum < leafsum) { if (leaf->left != NULL) { insert(a,b, leaf->left); } else { leaf->left = new SumNode; leaf->left->keyA = a; leaf->left->keyB = b; leaf->left->left = NULL; leaf->left->right = NULL; } } else { if (leaf -> right != NULL) { insert(a,b, leaf->right); } else { leaf->right = new SumNode; leaf->right->keyA = a; leaf->right->keyB = b; leaf->right->left = NULL; leaf->right->right = NULL; } } } SumNode *SumBTree::search(int a, int b, SumNode *leaf) { if (leaf != NULL) { if (a == leaf->keyA && b == leaf->keyB) return leaf; int sum = a + b; int leafsum = leaf->keyA + leaf->keyB; if (sum < leafsum) return search(a, b, leaf->left); return search(a, b, leaf->right); } return NULL; } SumNode *SumBTree::search(int sum, SumNode *leaf) { if (leaf != NULL) { int leafsum = leaf->keyA + leaf->keyB; if (sum == leafsum) return leaf; if (sum < leafsum) return search(sum, leaf->left); return search(sum, leaf->right); } return NULL; } void SumBTree::destroy_tree(SumNode *leaf) { if(leaf != NULL) { destroy_tree(leaf->left); destroy_tree(leaf->right); delete leaf; } } void SumBTree::insert(int a, int b) { if (root != NULL) { insert(a,b, root); } else { root = new SumNode; root->keyA = a; root->keyB = b; root->left = NULL; root->right = NULL; } } SumNode *SumBTree::search(int a, int b) { return search(a, b, root); } SumNode *SumBTree::search(int sum) { return search(sum, root); } void SumBTree::destroy_tree() { destroy_tree(root); }

I went to test it out, using this:

#include <iostream> #include "SumBTree.h" using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Initializing Tree" << endl; SumBTree sbt(); cout << "Inserting (2,3)" << endl; sbt.insert(2,3); cout << "Hello world!" << endl; return 0; }

But whenever I try to build it I get the following error:

||=== BTree, Debug ===| C:\Users\Axel\Desktop\coding\C++ Projects\BTree\main.cpp||In function int main()':| C:\Users\Axel\Desktop\coding\C++ Projects\BTree\main.cpp|12|error: request for memberinsert' in sbt', which is of non-class typeSumBTree ()()'| ||=== Build finished: 1 errors, 0 warnings ===|

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! Is it the overloaded functions? I don't get it. Does anyone here know?


you need to replace SumBTree sbt(); with SumBTree sbt;

Right now it thinks sbt isn't a class. If there are no parameters in a constructor don't use empty brackets.


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