How can I get HTML syntax highlighting in my editor for CakePHP?

I use Notepad++ and Aptana for editing my CakePHP code? Is there any way to get basic html syntax highlighting for CakePHP's .ctp template files? It's a lot harder for me without any coloring going on. Any ideas?


<strong>Configuring in Aptana Editor</strong>

Quoted from aptana docs

<ol> <li>From the Window menu, select Preferences..., and then choose General > Editors > File Associations.</li> <li>Add the appropriate file type.</li> <li>Next to the File Types list, click the Add button.</li> <li>In the New File Type pop-up window, type the appropriate file extension (e.g. ".ctp" or ".thtml").</li> <li>Click OK to add the New File Type to the List.</li> <li>Associate the new file type with Aptana.</li> <li>On the File Types list, select the file type that you just added.</li> <li>Next to the Editor Associations list, click the Add button.</li> <li>On the Editor Selection pop-up window, select the editor that you want to associate with your file type.</li> <li>Click OK to add the editor.</li> <li>The new is now associated with the specified file type.</li> <li>Click OK to apply your changes and close the Preferences window.</li> </ol>

<strong>Check out this link</strong>


You probably just have to select Language -> Html in the menu bar. You can set the association in Settings -> Style Configurator -> Html


Settings -> Styler Configurator -> Language: HTML -> User ext: ctp

done :-)


Another little tip that I picked up on.....to get some basic syntax completion in Aptana:

<ol> <li>Right Click on your Projects, Select Properties</li> <li>Goto the "Project Natures" tab and make sure that the PHP component is clicked (If not you will have to click it, close the properties window and reopen it)</li> <li>Next we're going to click on "PHP Buildpath" and select the "External Folders" tab</li> <li>Add the location of a plane jane CakePHP install</li> </ol>

Let Aptana re-profile the project and viola....you have some syntax completion. It's not perfect....but it's better than nothing!


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