Exception: System.ArgumentException: Keyword not supported: 'initial catalog' when hard co

I have hard coded my connection string to the dbcontext of Entity Framework DB first. public MirrorBranchesEntities(string connectionStringName, string db) : base(@name= + connectionStringName + connectionString=metadata=res://*/Mir

smooth color interpolation along a “bresenham” line

I am trying to interpolate color along a line so that, given two points and their respective RGB values, I can draw a line with a smooth color gradient. Using Bresenham's Line Algorithm, I can now draw lines, but am not sure how to begin in

How to enable the Virtual Directory Support php?

I see Virtual Directory Support is disabled in phpinfo.php, how can I enable it ? 1:In short: You can't easily. And you should not.Longer story: PHP is supposed to provide a shared nothing environment. In this context this means if two

Semantics of optional in the context of Transient Attributes in CoreData

What difference does it make if a transient attribute in core data is set to optional or non optional. Normally when you set an entity to being optional, it allows the entity owning that attribute to be stored with that attribute set to nul

Using ifstream to print integers from text files

I have an assignment where I am supposed to read multiple files containing integers (one on each line) and merge them into a output text file after sorting them. I am new to C++ so I do not know how everything works. I am testing my program

Boostraping symfony 2 for pthread from command

I'm trying to start threads from symfony 2 command.protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output){ $parser = $this-getContainer()-get('app.article.parser'); $providers = $parser-getProviders(); foreac

You are being redirected. rails 3.1

I created simple scaffold, it has the destroy method withrespond_to do |format| format.html { redirect_to :action = index, :status = 302 } format.json { head :ok }endendwhen I click Destroy, I see the page with words You are being redi

R: split matrix into arbitrary number of blocks

Say I have a matrix of values set.seed(1) A - matrix(runif(25),ncol=5)I'd like to calculate some statistics for approximately square neighborhoods within this matrix of approximately equal size. Either of these kinds of output would

Is a pure virtual function actually selected in overload resolution?

From a comment of mine in a previous question : Since there can't be instances of abstract classes a pure virtual function can never be selected after overload resolutionThe obvious response was :abstract_class* a = new derived_class; a-

sum and conditionally count based on a second column

I have gotten frustrated trying to solve this seemingly simple problem. I have a dataset (df) like this:structure(list(Year = c(2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L, 2015L,

Sort Perl array in place?

I have a reference to an array (called $intervals) and I would like to sort the values in this array. It's possible that there could be a huge number of values in the array, so I would prefer not to copy the values. My current approach is t

Missing Content-Length header when using Nginx + Gzip + Unicorn

I don't know why http response is missed Content-Length header when I use gzip in nginx, i'm really getting stuck,please somebody help me, thank you so much!this is my config file,nginx.confuser nobody nobody ; worker_processes 8;events

Background fetch execution time with iOS 10 UserNotifications without user interaction

In the Push Notification API before iOS 10, I could easily run a background job triggered by a Push Notification being received. Just received -- the user didn't have to interact with it at all. Now it seems in order for my same background

Import Google app script project from JSON file

In Google Drive, it's possible to download an app script project as a .json file.When such file is imported back to a Google Drive it's not properly associated with Google Script editor app.Is there any way to do it properly? 1:Importin

MATLAB: MEX matrix division gives different result than m-file

I've used MATLAB's coder tool to create a MEX version of the matrix exponential function, to be used in another set of functions. The issue is, the MEX version gives different results than the original m-file.After debugging it, I believe t

white border while displaying a full image with python and opencv

This question is related with this one:how to display a full screen images with python2.7 and opencv2.4I want to display a black image full screen, i have created even a black image with the same resolution of the screen.But i get a little

Can I configure Jackson JSON pretty printing from annotations or from Spring MVC controller?

I'm using Jackson 1.9.6 (codehaus) for JSON serialization of my response bodies in a Spring MVC application, and I'm having trouble finding a way to configure pretty printing. All of the code examples I've been able to find (like this and

AngularJS: Send $http.get requests continuously until certain condition

As the title says, I want to send $http.get requests to the server until the returned results meets a condition.This is what I tried: var searchComplete = false; var sendGetReq = true; while(!searchComplete) // #2 and then jumps he

How to build a rate-limiting API with Observables?

I would like to create a simple Calculator service that has a single method to add numbers. This Add method should be async and has to limit the number of concurrent calls being made at a given time. For instance, no more than 5 concurrent

How to store sorted array back to MongoDB?

In MongoDB, what's the most efficient approach to sort an array in a document and then store the sorted array back to the document?For background, I have a process that generates a collection of time stamped data and stores it to the DB, ho

UserDefaults between Objective-C and Swift

Just trying to be extra careful here...If I have an app that saved a value in UserDefaults like this in Objective-C:NSString *newString = textField.text;[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setObject: newString forKey:@textKey];Would this

SQL Server: copy data from one column to another column?

I have two tables with the same column anomaly_id. I want to copy the row of anomaly_id from the first table to the second table using this codeUPDATE amb.anamoly_log_updateSET anamoly_id = t2.anomaly_idFROM amb.anamoly_log_update t1 INNER

How can I prevent/detect an underflow in a Postgresql calculation that uses EXP()

I am receiving a value out of range: underflow error from pgsql, in a query that uses the EXP(x) function. What values of x trigger this? How do I prevent or detect it? 1:The function exp is called the exponential function, and its inv

C++ (gcc): undefined reference to `Stack::Stack(int)' [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why can templates only be implemented in the header file? I've struggled with this for a while, and I've taken a look to several questions here, but being new to C++ I haven't been able to understand where I am wrong.H

Java what is the benefit of Throwing RuntimeException

What is the benefit of declaring (Unchecked Exception)throws exception along method signature b/c it does not force caller to keep in try catch block.public void testRuntimeEx()throws RuntimeException{if(1==1){throw new RuntimeException()}}