Get the amplitude at a given time within a sound file?

I'm working on a project where I need to know the amplitude of sound coming in from a microphone on a computer. I'm currently using Python with the Snack Sound Toolkit and I can record audio coming in from the microphone, but I need to know GridView - how to access datasource before data is bound?

I'm trying to access datasource before I bind it to grid. How do I do that? My guess I should look in one of the events like Grid.DataBinding 1:Yes, the GridView.DataBinding event will be raised prior to the control being bound. You can

Binding a dropdown with year

I have to bind a drop down box with years starting from 2008 to current year in C#. How can I achieve it. 1:You can build a sequence of integers with System.Linq.Enumerable.Range:var startYear = 2008;myDropDownList.DataSource = Enumerab

dplyr do() without dot pronoun?

In dplyr::do(), is there a way to access variables in the context of .data as with other dplyr functions? For instance, say I have a data frame: dd - data.frame(a=1:5)mutate(), as well as other functions, works so that expressions are eva

Prevent permutations of foreign keys in Django

I have a django Model as follows: class ModelName(models.Model): field_one = models.ForeignKey(Table_One, related_name=field_one) field_two = models.ForeignKey(Table_One, related_name=field_two)I know unique_together can be used to ma

org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text character limit

I am using org.eclipse.swt.widgets.TextI am doingText description = new Text(container, SWT.SINGLE);description.setEditable(false);description.setText(long string);About half of the text shows up in the wizard that I am creating. I see ther

Regex, detect no spaces in the string

This is my current regex check: const validPassword = (password) = password.match(/^(?=.*\d)(?=.\S)(?=.*[a-zA-Z]).{6,}$/);I have a check for at least 1 letter and 1 number and at least 6 characters long. However I also want to make sure th

Powershell: return filename with highest number

Suppose I have a list of filenames like this:Get-ChildItem Antarctica Data *.xlsAntarctica Data 03625516.xlsAntarctica Data 84327262.xlsAntarctica Data 16374175.xlsAntarctica Data 12804427.xlsAntarctica Data 17477809.xlsAntarctica Data 6094

How to split string at operators

Im creating a calculator in Java.If i have the user enter a string such as:7+4-(18/3)/2So far i have had to have the user enter a space between each number or operator.How would i create an array from the given string where the string is sp

How to subscribe to click events so exceptions don't unsubscribe?

I'm using RxJava for Android (RxAndroid) and I subscribe to click events of a view, and do something on them as follows:subscription = ViewObservable.clicks(view, false) .map(...) .subscribe(subscriberA);The problem is whenever there

Spark ClassNotFoundException when run on yarn-cluster

my code:import org.apache.spark.{SparkConf, SparkContext}object Run extends App { val conf = new SparkConf().setMaster(yarn-cluster).setAppName(t666) sc.addJar(hdfs:// val sc =

Can I create a separate table for a single Collection property using Entity Framework code first?

I have a class Foo with an ICollectionstring. To be able to store this through Entity Framework, I have created a class Bar with an Id and Value property. Entity Framework creates a table for Bar with a foreign key column to Foo. This wor

jQuery UI datetimepicker and ASP.NET CompareValidator for DataTypeCheck

I'm using an ASP.NET textbox with the jQuery UI datepicker. The textbox allows edits so that the user can enter a date manually or clear an existing entry. I added a CompareValidator to perform a data type check on the textbox and this caus

Store Realm files in Google Drive App Folder?

I am in the early stages of an Android project that will be using a database, hopefully Realm. I want users to be able to access the same database from multiple Android devices (logged in to the same Google account). I am considering plac

xmlserializer not correctly deserializing schema with import

I've been trying to deserialize an xml file in C# with classes generated from schemas in xsd.exe. Unfortunately only part of the file is being properly deserialized, the rest is returned as null for reasons I can't work out.My process is a

Overlay over image on hover

I am unsure of what I am doing wrong trying to get a transparent overlay to appear over an image on hover. Initially, I attempted a javascript approach, but that didn't work, so I figured I would try a more light-weight css approach. Does a

Do I always need to use a cell array to assign multiple values to a struct array?

I've got a nested struct array likeA(1).B(1).var1 = 1;A(1).B(2).var1 = 2;Now I want to change the values of var1 to using the elements of the vector x = [3; 4] for each of the respective values. The result should beA(1).B(1).var1 = 3;A(1).B

angular ui bootstrap datepicker is-open directive not working

i'm trying to use angularjs ui bootstrap datepicker on my project but same code i grabbed from example doesn't seems to be working properly when i dig in to code i have realized the problem is with is-open attribute.sample code i tried to r

IBrokers twsFOP call in R

I'm trying to get the following to pull some data from IB (Nasdaq 100 e-mini futures options data). I am using the snapShot callback (included below). Could someone tell me what is wrong with my code?require(IBrokers)tws - twsConnect()test

What is the purpose of xmltextwriter if xmlwriter is the recommended one

As per MSDN: Although the Microsoft .NET Framework includes the XmlTextWriter class, which is a concrete implementation of the XmlWriter class, in version 2.0 of the .NET Framework, the recommended practice is to create XmlWriter instances

Create infinite repeatable Observable from array

Let's say I have an array itemsI know I can create an observable from this array usingRx.Observable.fromArray(items)How do I create a lazily infinitely repeating observable from this (i.e.: repeating the items as long as they are being requ

show graphite invalid lines

I see lots of lines like this in my graphite logs:01/10/2014 21:07:12 :: [listener] invalid line received from client HOST:PORT, ignoringIt would greatly help if I could see the invalid line. Some documentation and tutorials suggest graphi

Informix defining an INTERVAL with a parameter

I am doing the following in Informix to delete rows more than 20 seconds old.delete from sometablewhere someDateColumn (current - interval (20) second to second);However, I want to make the interval configurable in a stored procedure, but

How can I prevent form submissions until previous onFormSubmit is finished.

I have written a form script that eliminates the chosen answer. This means it has to process a function onFormSubmit. While the script works, the end-user has to wait 30 seconds before they click resubmit or else the choice will not be e

PHP code to determine if a user was 301 redirected to my site

Is it possible in PHP to know if a user has been 301 redirected to my website?So in I have a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file to I place some PHP code in to recognise when a user has been 301