Google Map Kit, draw polylines for walk like google map ios

I wants to draw polyline for walk like google map app in ios using google maps ios sdk. For more clear understanding i am uploading image that is from google map app(ios.) 1:Are you asking how to achieve the dotted polyline effect? If so

Creating a wordvector model combining words from other models

I have two different word vector models created using word2vec algorithm . Now issue i am facing is few words from first model is not there in second model . I want to create a third model from two different word vectors models where i can

apache2 virtualhost configuration with two subdirectories

I'm running Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 server. It's purpose is a mail server so it has postfix, dovecot and roundcube on it (amongst other things). I'm trying, and failing, to configure Apache to serve the pages that I want.I have an SSL ce

FastCGI / SCGI pre-fork

I've been trying to implement a web server gateway (for fun and educational purposes) and I have some questions about the core architecture behind FastCGI/SCGI with respect to the pre-fork model.How do FastCGI/SCGI implementations handle co

how to clone several game objects in a way that clone properties of one can be adjusted to match all

I asked How can I adjust shape/dimensions of one clone to affect all other clones in the scene view and the accepted answer was spot on. It could only clone one game object. I tried making some adjustments but the only solution I came up wi

PHP - Retrieve Facebook image in Google Compute Engine

I've tried to retrieve the image data of my Facebook profile picture, using both file_get_contents and curl.The problem occurs on my Google compute engine instance, while on any other server (localhost - mamp, AWS) the script works fine.An

c++ - properly writing std::string to binary file

I am trying to get strings from cin and than write it to binary file.I've read that writing pure string won't work, so I tried to convert it to char*.The following code writes it ok (...probably), but only the first 8 chars, so the output i

Attach GestureRecogniser to multiple imageviews

Something strange I encountered today while attaching same gesture recogniser to multiple image views. It gets attached to only the last one, in other words, it can be attached to only one view! I had to create multiple gesture recognisers End of input at line 1 column 1 path $ in Gson parser

I'm parsing a JSON string by using Gson and Retrofit. I have this JSON string:{message:[Email has already been taken]}I get the below exception still and don't know End of input at line 1 column 1 path $ at com.

Get the path from Uri in Android Kitkat throws Illegal Argument exception

I'm trying to get the path from uri. it works in devices below kitkat. I googled and found that I need to get the document Id and then query it with the gallery items. And it works. But I'm facing problem with videos. When i select the vide

PHP session locking and using Memcache to store sessions

I have a standard html page that has a few img tags, each of these are pointing to a php file on our server. When the php file is loaded, it saves some data to the session before then generating an image.This data in the session from each o

How to avoid operator's or method's code duplication for const and non-const objects? [dup

Possible Duplicate: How do I remove code duplication between similar const and non-const member functions? My task is to implement c++ vector analogue. I've coded operator[] for 2 cases.T myvector::operator[](size_t index) const {//case 1

Iterator performance contract (and use on non-collections)

If all that you're doing is a simple one-pass iteration (i.e. only hasNext() and next(), no remove()), are you guaranteed linear time performance and/or amortized constant cost per operation?Is this specified in the Iterator contract anywhe

Calling a JavaScript object class that's in a separate .js file

I have created a string builder JavaScript object and I'm using it with many different .js files in my project.Can I create this class in a separate .js file and call it from all the other scripts that instansiate it, just like a C# class f

How to send multipart HTTP requests from browser with Dart

I have to upload an image from browser to my RESTful web API, implemented using Python Eve. From documentation, It requires sending multipart/data-form request. ( There is 'dart:http' librar

Accumulating different sized column vectors stored as a cell array into a matrix padded with NaNs

Imagine I have a series of different sized column vectors inside an array and want to group them into a matrix by padding the empty spaces with NaN. How can I do this?There is already an answer to a very similar problem (accumulate cells of

Cutting down bag to pass to udf

Using Pig on a Hadoop cluster, I have a huge bag of huge tuples which I regularly add fields to as I continue to work on this project, and several UDFs which use various fields from it. I want to be able to call a UDF on just a few fields

Capistrano deploy to different path on same server

I am trying to deploy my application using capistrano. But I want to deploy my application to multiple paths of the same server.For example If for the first run I want to deploy it to below pathset :deploy_to, '/home/a/some_path/Once comple

Getting MVC default route to go to ~/default.asp

I am adding some MVC features to an existing site (FWIW, most of which is in classic ASP). As a result, I need to keep the default routing going to ~/default.asp (at a minimum - preferably the default document specified in IIS).Is there a

Efficient map with case class as a key in Scala?

A following C code uses enum and array as efficient map from enum to anything:enum Color { ColorRed, ColorGreen, ColorBlue, ColorSize};void f() { int x[ColorSize]; x[ColorRed] = 12; x[ColorGreen] = 33; x[ColorBlue] = 4; return x[Col

oauth2client.client.AccessTokenRefreshError: invalid_grant Only in Docker

I have the same code with the same p12 file (checked md5 sums), same account_email, and same scope working on a number of computers, but not working in Docker containers on any of the working computers. My code snippet is as follows:with op

Google maps streetview tiles do not load in Firefox initially, only after dragging

I have a problem with google maps streetview (in a bootstrap theme, if that has something to do with it).I set the streetview visible with a click of a button and it works in IE and Chrome ok, but in Firefox, the streetview stays gray (ie.

stumped by WSGI module import errors

I'm writing a bare bones Python wsgi application and am getting stumped by module import errors. I have a .py file in the current directory which initially failed to import. By addingsys.path.insert(0, '/Users/guhar/Sites/acom')the import o

parse xml in an iframe

I want to be able access an rss feed from js. I have the ability to configure both servers to use the same domain (but different subdomains - eg and I was hoping I could use the document.domain

DirectX newb - Multisampled Texture2D with depth on a Billboard

Here's my requirement: Using DirectX11 (via SlimDX) I have to download a series of verteces and use them to create a Texture2D of a map of county borders. Then I need to do the same thing with state borders, and draw them over the county bo