ContactsRequest.Insert(feedUri, newEntry) sometimes fails with System.Net.ProtocolViolationException

I have this piece of code for adding a contact in a test gmail account I created:public class SomeClass{ private const string ClientId = someclientid private const string CliendSecret = muchsecretwow; private const string Applicati

Speed up inserts into SQL Server from pyodbc

In python, I have a process to select data from one database (Redshift via psycopg2), then insert that data into SQL Server (via pyodbc). I chose to do a read / write rather than a read / flat file / load because the row count is around 1

How to get the Specific Form Field value using JQuery

I have a form form id=post_comment action=cmt.php method=post input type=hidden name=type value=sub / textarea id=body/textarea/formI am accessing the form using this code$(#post_comment).submit(function(event){ var form =

Failed to assign to property 'Windows.UI.Xaml.FrameworkElement.MinHeight'

I'm trying to add a CommandBar on my Windows Phone 8.1 app, using Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. Here is the XAML code:Page x:Class=App1.MainPage xmlns= xmlns:x=http://schemas

HTML, XHTML validation error - can't resolve

I have been trying to validate my web page for the last two hours, I only have one error remaining before it is successfully validated but I keep on getting the character decoding problem, I cannot get round it..... The whole document is fi

Function write() inconsistent with number notation

Consider the following script:list_of_numbers - as.numeric()for(i in 1001999498:1002000501){ list_of_numbers - c(list_of_numbers, i)}write(list_of_numbers, file = ./list_of_numbers, ncolumns = 1)The file that is produced looks like this:

usedRectForTextContainer for NSTextContainer returning improper height

I'm trying to get the size of the rectangle needed to display the text in a given text container with the following code:s = [manager usedRectForTextContainer:container].size;I expect the text to be in multiple lines, but it cuts off at the

Uploading Picture From PhoneGap Cordova App

Trying to get photo to upload but can't get the file data to the server. The app brings up the camera and does a POST to the server but there is never any file uploaded.I've created the simplest app I could to test this at https://github.c

Prevent forms authentication cookie to be used accross browsers

I am using forms authentication in an ASP.NET application and I realised that I can copy the authentication cookie content after I've already logged in, manually create the cookie in another instance of another browser and, after that, the

How to make Selenium WebDriver not to wait for whole page to load

I am using python 2.7 with Selenium webdriver for Firefox and I have a problem I can't solve or find solved on the internet.My task is to open around 10k web pages (adsl router web interfaces - via ip address) and upload new firmware. I wro

Expand Vector in Tensorflow and space elements with zeros

I would like to space vector elements from each others and fill it with zeros: a = [1, 5, 7, ..., 3]Space elements of a with two zeros: b = [1, 0, 0, 5, 0, 0, 7, 0, 0, ... , 3, 0, 0]The number of zeros that I space the elements with shoul

Store tiff images in SQL Server or file system?

Our system needs to store tiff images of about 3k each in size. We received about 300 at a time, and need to process them pretty quickly. Later, once we have received say around 100,000 of these, there are transferred off to another archi

Weird behaviour of the app.config deployment after updating it

I moved some hardcoded settings to a custom Section (so I did not use the appSetting tag) in the app.config of my ClickOnce application. When updating, the clients got an error stating that the server gave a 404 not found error for the f

Learning about game development, any books recommended? [closed]

I want to write some games, but I don't have any game development experience. Any books are recommended? Is this necessary to have a good Maths skill when taking about some physical actions? Also, is it complex to do some AI design? thz a l

Bootstrap 3 navbar-fixed-top after scroll past fullscreen hero unit

I am currently having some issues trying to fix my navbar to the top of the page, BUT after the user scrolls past my fullscreen hero unit. I spent the last 2 days trying to figure it out and I cant find an exact answer anywhere!!-- Begin H

module 'pip' has no attribute 'pep425tags'

When I am trying to install .whl with pip it said: is not a supported wheel on this platformto solve this problem, I searched the Internet and it said I can input this into shell import pip; print(pip.pep425tags.get_supported())with this

problems with merge sort in java

i'm brand new to stackoverflow and i need some help with writing a program to mergesort an arraylist of comparables. i have worked on this code for hours to no avail. the program needs to work correctly, because i am doing it for a computer

Dropdowns not extending in shiny tabPanel

When a dropdown box is included as part of a tab panel in a shiny app, it doesn't behave in the same way as outside of a tab panel. Outside of a tab panel, when it is active, it extends beyond the element that contains it, but as a tab pane

How to add Rating to sort list in Magento 1.7

Looking for some help adding sort by Rating in Magento. I have added code snippets to toolbar.php which seem to add the sort by Rating but when trying to select it, it gets stuck until I reload the page. Any help would be greatly apprecia

Wamp server error. could not execute run action

I am trying to start wamp serve which was totally running fine on my laptop two weeks ago, but now after two weeks I suddenly get this error:could not execute menu item(internal error)[exception] could not execute run action: the directory

What is the correct way to use boost::qi::rule with BOOST_FUSION_ADAPT_STRUCT?

I am attempting to get a qi::rule to emit a struct with BOOST_FUSION_ADAPT_STRUCT based on the boost employee example. I have the following struct and its associated fusion macro:struct LineOnCommand{ int lineNum; std::vectorchar hu

MYSQL: Like Method, Similar Words - But Don't Show the Searched Word

actually i use this method to show similar words for a search request..$query = SELECT * FROM searches WHERE Query LIKE '%$search%' ORDER BY Query; if someone searches for nelly it looks up in the database for similar words nelly furtado, n

Open SAS program in new instance

I'm trying to figure out a way to open SAS programs in new instances of the Enhanced Editor by default on click. The question has been asked before but no luck. This paper describes the way a program is opened with the Enhanced Editor. The

Flask can't see modules installed by pip

I installed Flask on Python 2.7.12/Apache 2.4/Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. I've been using these two tutorials to get set up. I'm not running venv or any other virtual environment (unlike this post). Running a simple Flask app works fine (a la he

calling rest web service?

i'm new to android development. i want to call a rest web service and show a simple txt-file or and that possible? and if it is, how? thank you in advance... 1:You can send a POST for the server and read the result.This is my