With EntityFramework, how to access DisplayName for foreign key columns?

I have the following annotations : [Display(Name = NotImportant, ResourceType = typeof(MyResxFile))] public int? PhoneModel { get; set; } // this is the id [Display(Name = Important, ResourceType = typeof(MyResxFile))] public vi


I found more details about the bug. it seems related with the information, gpus_ReturnGuiltyForHardwareRestart.after google it, it seems that there is quite limited information about this bug.Have you ever met this before and know how to so

Finish sub activities programmatically

I have an activity that launches another activity with startActivityForResult method. I would like to terminate the called one programmatically but I don't know how to do this since in onActivityResult() method I have no information about t

Java Stream collect after flatMap returns List instead of List

I tried the following code using Java 8 streams:Arrays.asList(A, B).stream() .flatMap(s - Arrays.asList(X, Y).stream().map(s1 - s + s1)).collect(Collectors.toList());What I get is a ListObject while I would expect a ListStri

How to get DateTime stamp of a textfile using VB 6

How do you obtain the DateTime stamp of a textfile using VB 6.0? By DateTime stamp I mean the date & time the textfile was created or modified. Sample code would be appreciated.Thanks. 1:For created/last modified you can simply;dateVar =

Retrieve the contents of a div from external site (PHP, XPATH)?

I am trying to retrieve and echo the content of a div from an external site using PHP and xPath.This is an excerpt from the page, showing the relevant code:html xml:lang=en lang=en xmlns=http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml head title Handbags

Function definition problems (No instance for … arising from)

I have defined the following function to find the penultimate element of a list of something (Int, string...)myButLast :: [a] - amyButLast [] = error myButLast: empty listmyButLast [x, _] = xmyButLast (_:xs) = myButLast xsWhen I test it wi

Freetts is not working with external speakers

I have used Freetts.jar file in my java application that announces the token number. My application is working perfectly in my laptop but is not working in my desktop that has an external speaker. I get a null pointer exception. NOTE: I use

Growth Policy of ArrayList in Java 6SE

I was wondering if anyone knows the growth policy of ArrayList in Java 1.6? The java doc says The details of the growth policy are not specified beyond the fact that adding an element has constant amortized time cost.But I just wonder the

How to remove button text responsively in JQuery Mobile

I'm very new to Jquery & jquery mobile. I'm resizing a button so it's responsive to window size. To be more specific, i'm changing it from iconpos=left to iconpos=notext to remove the text on small windows.I found the following function,

Massive number of XML edits

I need to load a mid-sized XML file into memory, make many random access modifications to the file (perhaps hundreds of thousands), then write the result out to STDIO. Most of these modifications will be node insertion/deletions, as well a

Split string into table in groups of 26 characters or less, rounded to the nearest word

I'm trying to take a string and split it into a table, with each index containing a maximum of 26 characters, but words are not split between indices. If it stretches over 26 characters mid-word, that word is in the next index. 1:I've an

zip the folder using built-in modules

Edit - Can someone suggest edits to my answer, for instance I'm not sure if exec is better or spawn?Is it possible to zip the directory/folder with it's contents using zlib and other built-in modules?I'm looking for a way to do it without

Zend Controller Action , get Helper in other class?

is there any way to get an Action Helper from an Service Class?I have the following Helper:class Helper_Host extends Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Abstract{ /** * Return Hosturl with path * * @return string Hostname */

Open a browser window as a pop under in C#

I'm trying to make a browser open as a pop under by using C#. Basically, I'm detecting when a browser is started by the user and I want to immediately after that open a new browser window which is under the window that the user opened. Here

How can I retrieve the previous URL in AngularJS

I know I can get the current URL using $location.search() and $location.path() but I need a way to get previous one. Can I use a global variable or something like that? 1:Angular $rootScope will have the all information across your all

performSelector in NSOperation subclass

I couldn't find an answer anywhere else on the net so any help would be appreciated.I am tying to create a system whereby I can retrieve the results of an NSOperation task, which I understand cannot be done by concrete subclasses such as NS

Counting all rows with specific columns and grouping by week

I've been trying now for some time to create a query that would count all rows from a table per day that include a column with certain id, and then group them to weekly values based on the UNIX timestamp column. I have a medium sized datase

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\IBM\\Lotus\\Notes\\nlsxbe.dll: Ca

I am trying to connect Lotus Notes Domino (8.5.1) objects from a java web application which uses eclipse (indigo, jdk1.7). this is what I did: 1. add notes.jar to Librairies of Java Build Path in eclipse, 2. add path variable of C:\Program

Acumatica Dynamic MultiSelect Dropdown

I have a screen entry to store transaction data, I want to use dynamic with multiselect combobox to select status and status data is taken from the table, but when some of the data status is selected, the amount of stored data does not matc

ImportError: No module named 'xlsxwriter': Error in bamboo

I have used pip to install a package named 'xlsxwriter', by using the command 'pip3 install xlsxwriter'.The code is working fine on my system, but when I am trying to run the same code on bamboo then it throwing an ImportError as No module

Java - how do I gain focus on JTextArea when selecting a new JTabbedPane

I have a swing GUI with multiple JTabbedPanes; each tab contains two JButtons at the top, then a JTextArea (for user input), and a JTextField at the bottom for a result.My problem is that I can't get the JTextArea to gain focus after switch

Different font size in restructuredtext

I have bigger fonts on all type of lists.What should I do to keep the same font size in lists as in my normal paragraphs?For now I get thisPlain text Typical result (in normal font size)Bullet lists (in normal font size):- This is item 1 (

Java starting two threads? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between Thread.start() and Thread.run()? 9 answers i am new to java. I have two classe

Unexpected behavior when launching a dialog-style activity

I observed from WhatsApp such behaviors: when a new message arrives, WhatsApp will launch a dialog-style activity and such a activity could be cancelled or confirmed by the user.Therefore, I added a similar dialog-style activity to my app.