Why do underscore prefixed variables exist?

I am learning Rust, and came across the fact that adding an underscore at the beginning of a variable name will make the compiler not warn if it is unused. I am wondering why that feature exists, since unused variables are frowned upon.

git trying to push non-existent file … after clearing cache

I have a number of shapefiles in my repo that were too large, thereby causing my push to GitHub to fail. I initially tried to create a .gitignore file that excludes most of the extensions in shapefile bundles. It still tried to push the s

To Get the radio button value in ruby on rails

I created a quiz and display that questions one per page as partial form and when i use the create i want the value of radio button that i check before create. when i use params[:answer]in my controller next, it returns null.. can anyone he

playing video using jmf

I am trying to play a video file using JMF but it gives me No Media Player found exception.Here is my code, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?public class MediaPanel extends JPanel {public MediaPanel(URL mediaURL) { setLayout

How to push additional view controllers onto NavigationController but keep the TabBar?

I have an app that starts with a basic view controller at the root of my navigation controller- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions{ self.navController.viewController

Net Present Value in Excel for Grouped Recurring CF

Below is a cash flow table for 60 periods. There is a set of recurring cash flows. Is there a simple way in excel to calculate the NPV for all 60 periods (monthly cashflows) without have to create a table of 60 rows and using the NPV form

How do I use LINQ to get all the Items that have a particular SubItem?

My software is designed to encrypt and decrypt files. The user loads the files to be processed into a ListView control. In the control, each item is the file path with one subitem, the type of process (ENCRYPT or DECRYPT). I need to get a l

How to load view controller without button in storyboard?

I want to load view controller without button. I set the identifier to 10 and tried to use if(...){ //load ViewController2 [[self storyboard] instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@10];}but nothing happens.with this function its do

jQuery Masonry / Isotope and fluid images: Momentary overlap on window resize

I've noticed that when using jQuery Isotope or Masonry with a fluid / responsive website, the elements overlap momentarily whilst the browser window is being resized. Please see the images below, which are screenshots from this demo. You ca

How can I use threading to 'tick' a timer to be accessed by other threads?

When the user does something (touch on a StackPanel, in this case), I need to begin a timer of some sort (probably DispatcherTimer as I'm working in WPF) and if another touch happens again within a certain amount of time then I'll call a me