how does one show extended unicode > 0xFFFF?

Some fonts i.e. Symbola and Segoe ui Symbols have characters with five digit hex assignments. I.e the character mushroom is Ox1F344.They show up fine in the character picker in excel etc but this Font(Segoe UI Symbol,Fo

Boost Serialization - Serialize std::tr1::shared_ptr?

Boost::Serialization has builtin support for boost::shared_ptr.Is there a way to use this support for std::tr1::shared_ptr too?Is it possible to cast from std::tr1::shared_ptr to boost::shared_ptr? 1:A casting will not be possibl

How to draw graph inside swing with GraphStream actually?

I am trying to implement drawing of tutorial graph inside swing, but failing.The code is follows:package tests.graphstream;import java.awt.BorderLayout;import javax.swing.JFrame;import javax.swing.SwingUtilities;import org.graphstream.graph

Adding assembly reference to QuartzTypeLib

I am a new programmer using Visual Studio 2008. How can I add an reference to QuartzTypeLib. I have already checked the add reference folder and do not see a library for Quartz in the .net or com reference library. When trying to compile co

How to convert this 'for' loop to a vector solution

This question is related to: Convert long state names embedded with other text to two-letter state abbreviationsFollowing for loop code works well. for(r in 1:nrow(states.list)) { states = sub(states.list[r,1], states.list[r,2], states)}

Selecting the AD ntSecurityDescriptor Attribute as a Non-Admin

I'm working on a SDDL/Security Descriptor parser for Active Directory ACLs/ACEs. I'm nearly complete, everything works fine when I connect to LDAP using an administrative account. However, when I try to query the ntSecurityDescriptor as a n

Android Studio proxy settings build error

Whenever I try to build my app in Android Studio I get the following error:Error:169.254/16|*.169.254/16. Will ignore proxy settings for these hosts. I get the error 5 times. Its nothing specific to my project because I get the error when I

Boolean Logic Design - Reduction

I have the following function to be reduced/simplified.F(A,B,C,D) = BC + (A + C'D') where ' denotes the complement Here's my solution:= BC + (A + C'D')'= BC + (A + (C+D)= BC + (A + C + D)= BC + C + A + D= C(B + 1) + A + D= C*1 + A + D= C +

Matrix vector multiplication along array axes

in a current project I have a large multidimensional array of shape (I,J,K,N) and a square matrix of dim N.I need to perform a matrix vector multiplication of the last axis of the array with the square matrix.So the obvious solution would b

DOM IDBDatabase Exception 5 when adding data in indexedDB

My object structure is like this:var test={ id:A, ChanName:Discovery, LCN:10 };This is the snippet that creates the object store:var objectStore = db.createObjectStore('Dat', { keyPath:'',autoIncrement: fa

Extracting Names and Email address from String with regex

I have been trying to extract the names and email addresses from the following String that consists of multiple lines through regex in Java:From: Kane Smith Kane@smith.comTo: John Smith, Janes Smith, T

Programmatically center text output in for loop

I'm trying to put out the following pattern of chars: x xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd this is what I currently have:String y = ;for(int i = 0; i 10; i++){ y=; for(int s = 0; s i; s++) { y+= x; } Sy

Javascript convert array of objects to tree

I am trying to convert this structure:var initial = [ { Phase: Phase 1, Step: Step 1, Task: Task 1, Value: 5 },{ Phase: Phase 1, Step: Step 1, Task: Task 2, Value: 10 },{ Phase: Phase 1, Step: Step 2, Task: Task 1, Value: 15 },{ Phase: Phas

Angular 2 RC1 - Auto import all used components inside a base component

I'm quite new to Angular2 with TypeScript and have a problem that I am not able to solve for a long time now:I want to provide the user some kind of small components toolkit that they use inside the view, to build a (real) small app. Theref

wkhtmltopdf custom font letter spacing

I'm running wkhtmltopdf on linux server (centos.10.x86_64). I'm trying to add Times New Roman font to the page. I see the fonts but on some font sizes it adds spaces between the letters. I tried setting the font by installing it on the mach

Using sub-query to SELECT MAX value along with LEFT JOIN

I have a query for getting search results, which works fine.Example of successful query: SELECT individuals.individual_id, individuals.unique_id, TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR,individuals.day_of_birth,CURDATE()) AS age, individuals_dynamic

Linking a third table to a bridge table in a many to many association

What is the correct way to design this database? Here is how I have my tables set up:I have a many to many relationship between a table called teachers and a table called instruments. I then have a bridge table connecting the two. I woul

In R, write each nested data frame to a CSV

PROBLEM:I have data frame of data frames from purrr and want to write each nested data frame to a CSV. df# A tibble: 3 × 2 dataset data chr list1 aab tibble [681 × 60]2 aae tibble [1,

SWT/Swing -> Threads n' Hell

I have an SWT application. I was frustrated at SWT for not making it easy to do what I wanted to do. So I used Swing. Swing made my life easy. Yay. Except now, the two have to talk. The issue is, they are running on different threads, and w

How can i format the output of stat expression in Linux Gnome Terminal?

I am really newbie in Linux(Fedora-20) and I am trying to learn basicsI have the following commandecho `stat -c The file %n was modified on %y *Des*`This command returns me this outputThe file Desktop was modified on 2014-11-01 18:23:29.410

datetime datatype not working in soap php

This is my code $c = new soapclient('', array('authentication' = array('LoginID' = 'x','Password'='x'))); $timezone = new DateTimeZone('UTC'); $time='2012-04-17T16:50:45'; $date =

Create a 7z Archive for files created by date using Powershell

I have directory where various daily files gets copied. I need to write a power shell script which will create 7z archive based on groups of file create date.The name of the archive includes those group dates.Example BelowFileA 06/23/11Fil

Bootstrap CSS/HTML background image resize

Using bootstrap when I resize my browser, the picture that is in the background shrinks and the background color doesn't.Here is the link to the site which contains the HTML code: is the CSS code th

Liferay/Tomcat “hot-deploy” closes JNDI connection, how can I keep it open?

First, I'm not sure if the behavior comes from Liferay or Tomcat.I have a portlet in Liferay that uses a JNDI connection and JDBC template all configured with spring (I'm not using Liferay service builder or anything from Liferay, I'm just

Missing something in “Delete” post method in MVC (EF 4.1)

Following this example .. am running into issues with Delete functionality.[HttpPost]public ActionResult Delete(int id, Blog blog){ try { using (var db = new BlogDataEntities())