How to increase my upload limit in php

:I read so many articles out there in the internet and found that to change the php.ini file to upgrade the upload limit. But I do all the suffs and cant upload more than 10mb of files or so. I am trying to add a feature to upload video file through the f

Redirect Users based on IP Address | Apache / htaccess

:I'd like to redirect users to an /index/ area of the site if they don't have my IP address.How do I do this?Thank you. 1:The mod_rewrite way:RewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^123\.45\.67\.[8-9]$ # your ip hereRewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}

Spring Security: Running the webapp causes an exception IncompatibleClassChangeError and an error 40

:I create a simple Spring Security WebApp for learning purpose, but when I am running it, I get an error 404. Follow my config files:web.xml?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Getting ipad device information using safari web browser

:We have an web application which users access from the iPad safari web browser.We want certain kind of analytic about the users.I want to know what information can i get through the safari browser about the user`s iPad.Can i access1) iOS version installe

Determining path to current wallpaper with pygtk (maybe X11?)

:I would like to determine a user's wallpaper path with PyGTK.If possible, I would like to not rely on a Desktop Environment's function to do this - this is because some users(like myself) do not use a DE. Because of this, I am wondering if you can use

conda build r-ldavis/ not working

:I am new to jupyter, and I am looking to install an R package (tseries) that is available on CRANI was trying to follow a question that was raised, but I think I am getting a different problem. I was originally following this linkconda - How to install R

Change location of controller inside of Yii

:I want to change the location of my siteController from protected/controllers to protected/backOffice/controllers.I have tried to do the following inside of the main config file but it gives me a CExxception error and its doesnt give the much of informat

How do i redirect non logged in users Wordpress

:I am looking to redirect users who are not logged in on any page of my WordPress website to a /welcome page which will have a sign up form on. This is pretty essential as it is a small social networking site. I am also trying to do this without having an

how can I get just a single div to refresh on submit as apposed to the entire page?

:I am working with a dynamically generated page written in PHP. The divon the page contain contents listed FancyBox links that open editing screens.Once editing is complete and the user closes the FancyBox modal the changesneed to be reflected on the

Facebook Graph API checkin list

:Im looking for a way to use the Graph API to gather a list of users currently "checked in" to a particular place. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!ThanksChris 1:To get a list of Users is not possible, because you'd then need the individual User's

How to do a proper groupby query in django

:I have a table that holds multiple tracking id's in it. What I'm trying to do is group all tracking id's and get a count for them.This is what the SQL query would look like:SELECT tracking_id, COUNT( * ) FROM trackingGROUP BY tracking_idI think I've

Docker osx mounted folder is empty

:I tried to mount folder of my project from /var/www to the same folder in container but folder in container is empty. Problem is maybe with host folder permissions because if i try that with some other folder it works.This works:docker run -it -v ~/Downl

Retrieve Records from Quickblox API

:I am using Quickblox SDK in my Application and designed Custom Objects in the Quickblox Admin panel.Here i am having some complex relationship between Custom Objects and not able to figure out how to retrieve the records using the Quickblox API.Problem:

Node js - Error: spawn ENOENT (Windows 8.1)

:I'm using nodejs version - v0.10.31On one machine it does work, and on my machine it doesn't. Can someone give me some advice where I can start searching for a problem ?var express = require('express'),path = require('path'),fs = require('fs'),mo

On row insertion autopopulate a formula in a cell

:I have a formula column in my spreadsheet to calculate values based on another column. I want to know if there is a way to make the formula default so that when I insert a new row, the cell of that column automatically gets the formula pre-set, no need t

How to display playback_count for a user using the SoundCloud API

:I am trying to display the total track views ("playback_count") for a specific SoundCloud user using the SoundCloud API.According to the API documentation I get the info using the below function call:

Security of executing a command from php

:I'm writing a web application in which i use several thirdy party commands calling them with the exec function in PHP (for example, I render Latex formulas through a command-line program).My question is: what are the security issues of executing externa

Build Custom SSO with SAML

:Updated: Thanks for responding on my post. I am very sorry, as of today these were the requirement details. However, I can elaborate more on what I understand. I some idea on WIF, where I can write my own STS, RP and publish policies. Couple of queries h

Laravel Valet not working with Laravel

:I have been trying to use Valet but I found a problem. I created a new Laravel 5.2 project but I can't access the public assets files. The only information I can tell is this error:Notice: Undefined index: extension in /Users/tiagocardo

How to order by the field stored in the separate model?

:Here is simplified version of my datastore structure:class News(db.Model): title = db.StringProperty()class NewsRating(db.Model): user = db.IntegerProperty() rating = db.IntegerProperty() news = db.ReferenceProperty(News)Now I need to display

cakePHP- setting loginRedirect from beforeFilter for admin role

:I am facing this weird problem. I am trying to change the default loginRedirect of the admin role from that of normal user. U have the auth key in the AppController's component variable set up as follows : 'Auth' => array( 'loginRedirect'

User Login is not working with node.js and mongoose

:I am trying to user login with node.js and mongoose.User Registration is successfully working and data is inserting in mongodb collection, but when I try to login with registered email and password the page show 404 error.login.jsvar express = require('

Bind ListView selected item to a DataGrid

:I have a ListView that holds a list of names, each name comes from a binding to an object containing a "name" field, like this:public class User { public User() {} public User(string name, int ID) { = name; this.ID = ID;

How to find and plot the largest sample in a wav file

:I wrote this code where I read a wav file and then It identifies where is the larger sample, but this only give me the possition of the max sample, but not the value of it, so what can I do to know which is its value? And when I plot it, why it doesn't

Cast Class Exception in Scala: java.lang.Object to Scala CaseClass

:This is driving me crazy - I'm working on play with scala, social secure etc and I keep getting this error when I'm trying to make a case class. Edit: similar question to this: Scala and Play2: ClassCastException: java.lang.Object cannot be cast to pla

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