Geom.ribbon in Gadfly (Julia) does not accept Int vectors as input

So, I've been playing around with Gadfly in Julia and run into this issue.Geom.ribbon does't accept Int vectors as input for ymin and ymax when used in combination with Geom.smooth.I was wondering if this is a bug, is intended, or if I'm do

Hovercard not working correctly with the hover function. Any ideas?

I am using Hovercard and it works perfectly with the following code:$.getJSON(userjson.php function(result){ $('.user').hovercard({ showCustomCard: true, customCardJSON: result, openOnLeft: true

Sending an email with Gmail's API using only a token?

I'm trying to using Google's API to send an email. I have a web application powered by AngularJS where the user signs in with their google account (via passport.js) using oauth2. A new access token is written to their account on my database

How to add a Hash object to an ActiveRecord class? Tried but migration fails

I want my ActiveRecord class User to contain options (a bunch of string key-values), so I wrote:rails generate migration AddOptionsToUser options:HashIt generated:class AddOptionsToUser < ActiveRecord::Migration def self.up add_column :

How do i select text from a text field using 'CTRL A ' using selenium webdriver?

I am using selenium webdriver with ruby.clc = WAIT.until { driver.find_element(:id, 'embed-showembedcode') } driver.action.key_down(:control).click(clc).send_keys(a).key_up(:control).performThis what i am using but i get a error.. {testc

GAE Starting dynamic instance to serve requests instead of using idle resident instances

I ve checked a bunch of other post about the same subject like this one : “Resident instance doesn't seem to work” but I couldn t find a working answer for my problem I have 4 F2 resident and whenever someone goes to my application, instead

select statement in C#

Where's the problem in my code ?string constr = Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; + Data Source=C:\\Users\\Simon\\Desktop\\test5\\test5\\test5\\save.mdb;OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(constr);string sql = SELECT users.user_name

Partially editing a document in Google Drive

This is a conceptual question regarding the realtime editing of large files. Imagine we have a 50 Mb txt file in Google Drive that we want to allow users to edit. We require that the user downloads the entire file before they start editing

How to link app.js to html page,so that I should display the progress bar in the browser using socke

I'm unable to link the index.html page to app.js.I'm trying to send the progress to index.html.But,I'm failing here.How can I overcome this issue?Can anyone please help me out ...My index.html :<

Using PIL (Python Image Library) to detect image on screen

I am trying to understand how I can use PIL in Python 2.7 to search the whole screen for a certain image and click on it. I've been searching around and haven't been able to find a solution. I want to create a small GUI with one button in t

Automatically create a gravatar account through a third party site

Is it possible to automatically create a gravatar account, based on the registration data that a user on my site submits? I like gravatar, but I do not want to make my users register twice 1:Theoretically, you could use curl for manipula

PHP - using move_uploaded_file

I'm using Linux Debiantrying to make Login & Registration System With phpon control pageindex.php:<?phpinclude(connect.php);global $tf_handle;$error = ;if (isset($_POST['submit'])){ $firstName = $_POST['fname']; $lastName = $_POST['lname

RVM Installation and permission issue

I install RVM by this tutorial and on the step number 4 echo '[[ -s $HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm ]] && . $HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm ' >> ~/.bash_profile I got this one error -bash: /Users/my_name/.bash_profile: Permission deniedI tried it run with

how can I include association.count in ActiveRecord query so that it doesn't perform a second q

In my models I frequently have has_many associations. I also frequently need to display how many there are (i.e. assoc.count). This forces another query to be performed, as demonstrated below:ruby-1.8.7-p334 :020 > Instructor.first.instruct

MySQL upsert (ON DUPLICATE KEY) using JDBC Prepared Statement

I am trying to write a method to have an UPSERT functionality with a prepared statement in java. The code looks as follows;public boolean addUserDeviceToken(String userid, String password, String deviceToken, Connection connection) { Str

Make LiveServerTestCase not to call setUp() before each test

I have one problem with testing django app by using LiveServerTestCase. LiveServerTestCase execute setUp() function before executing each test. But I'm using factory-boy's factories to create objects for testing (users, items, etc...). And

Extract cell value from table based on another cells value

HTML file: got this html contents with simplehtmldom library:array(66) { [0]=> array(14) { [0]=> string(4) Item [1]=> string(11) Date, time: [2]=> string(8) mõõdikud [3]=>

Apple ios5 iMessage read and write

With the new iOS5 is there a way that you can read incoming iMessages and write new iMessages using a custom app? 1:I don't think that would be possible. Allowing third party apps to read users' messages would be a severe privacy violat

Deedle: errors using Frame.mapColValues

I'm following a tutorial: and when I try to apply normalization to all the columns of stocks Frame, using Frame.mapColValues, I obtain the following error

Apache Directory Studio not opening

Apache Directory Studio not starting giving the below exception. I'm using mac os x high sierra 10.13.5. I have jdk 10, 8 and 7 on my machine. So I created a .ini file with jdk to 7 and 8 but still getting the same error. Any idea how to fi

Sails.js: Nested MongoDB queries

I am using Sails v0.11 and am developing an standalone importer script in order to import data to mongoDB and - that is now the not-working part - build the associations between the models. For this process I introduced temporary helper pro

Does changing the Site URL/Domain of a Facebook App affect your users?

Let's say I've got a Facebook app that I use for Authentication of my Users ( My current Website uses the domain, I've set that domain and a corresponding redirect URL in the face

How to add event on other user calendar without being logged in

I am stuck on Google Calendar API on Add event.I want to allow other users to add event on Google Calendar without being logged in.So far not finding any success. I can get calendar for user but not finding proper solution for my problem.

android HttpUrlConnection send post and params get request

I need a little help with sending an HttpUrlConnection from my android application. Till now I was doing this with a basic Http Client. But the problem is that when I receive a big stream from the server my applications crash with outofmemo

Create new column based on values in 2 other columns

I am new to R and am trying to create a new column based on 2 other columns in the data frame.UserID Age GradeLevel 001 10 5 002 10 3 003 8 4 004 10 7 005 8 3 006 8

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