using jquery mobile and codeigniter framework php

:I'm creating jquery mobile site using codeigniter framework.If I start my project without using jquery mobile in the head everything work but if I insert jquery mobile in the head of my page and try to start my project I receive a gray page with write o

How to read editor text before cursor position to match specific words?

:I am trying to detect when the cursor has moved somewhere immediately after a specific strings ... I can do it only for I have one string , But when I have more than one I cant't matched ... If I have one string like : "color:" then the code to match

Jquery validator plugin ajax submition not triggering

:I have a problem with my the Jquery validator ( plugins submitHandler function. The form is validated correctly and the invalid handler message triggers correctly, but the submitHandler functions will not trigger cor

Insert Data Validation using Google Apps Script

:I'm trying to insert an in cell dropdown menu (Data > Validation > List of Items) in a Gsheet using Google Apps Script. I want to do this because every time I use the spreadsheet the 'list of items' will change slightly and I don't wanna have to go t

PyQt5 Could not connect to display

:to learn python I decided to make a small GUI that will interact with a web API. So without much thinking I created a virtual machine with Vagrant (ubuntu/trusty64) and installed PyQt5.I made a small script to create a window (here it is)import sysfrom P

Getting the number of documents returned to from a viewEntry

:I have a panel on which I have defined a Domino view and called it viewEntry and attached it to a view in the current database. In the Data definition I have it set to filter by Category Names, all of which it does very nicely. Now I want to know how man

display a javascript message before proceeding

:I have this code that is to fetch a particular item in the database after the user presses a button. If the item is found I would like to display a confirm message via javascript and I don't know how to show it.After obtaining the item from the database

Using Jquery to load one html file, delay, then another, looping

:I'd like to show one html file. Then fade to another one. Here's my code and it works, except the first time, it waits 10 seconds to switch. Then after the switch, it waits 5 seconds in between switches. I'm a little confused as to how to jquery's ha

Puppet “require” not working as expected

:I have the following two manifests:class profile::maven inherits profile::base { # Hiera $version = hiera('profile::maven::version', '3.2.1') $settings = hiera_hash('profile::maven::settings', undef) $environments = hiera_hash('profile::maven:

ASP.NET CustomError Handling in MasterPage Error Page

:I redirect Errors to Error.aspx and the problem is that there is also second error in ErrorMasterPage

Checkbox change not working correctly inside from html table and jquery

:I am having a problem regarding checkbox. The following is the complete code. If anyone can help please copy and paste the following code and you can execute it. The jquery library is attached from a url. Test

Filter array in second controller

:I'm trying to filter an array in Controller2 by clicking a button with an id in controller1. This is the code i've come up with so far, but I'm confused how to pass the id parameter to the factory, filter the list and update the scope in controller2.<

Chrome extensions: open link in new tab upon loading of a particular page?

:I'd like to create a Chrome extension where, when a particular URL opens, another URL opens automatically in a new tab. Note that I'd like the new tab to open as soon as the first URL begins to load, not once it's finished loading.So basically, you'd

Check for File in multiple directories with an IF statement Powershell

:I am facing some problems in powershell. I want to be able to let a powershell command search for multiple directories. With the name being a variable like "$VM_DISK=VM_DISK.vhdx" and let powershell search in that manor so that if that file exists in a

Google scripts run for trashed documents

:I've deleted spreadsheets with scripts attributed to them that run on a timed frequency. I also had notifications setup to inform me when a script had an error.Since delete them I've gotten a steady stream of failure notifications that I can't stop, a

MySQL - Import .CSV/Excel file into MySQL

:How do I do it when I want to Import a csv/excel file but I want the contents to be in a specific column?I have 6 columns in my database. Let's just call it a, b, c, d, e, f.I want to insert contents to c, d, e from the excel file.Contents of the column

fill kendogrid with api controller in

:i use from kendo grid but my grid dont fill with values and when show page grid dont load.i use kendo 2014 and api controller code : public class ValuesControllerApi : ApiController{ public List Get() { GuaranteeEntitie

djextListTextBox onChange dependent controls

:i've a problem refreshing dependent controls after a change event of a djextListTextBox.Here is a code fragment:...

Returning value from javascript object [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: How do I return the response from an asynchronous call? 33 answers I have created a javascript object and im trying to fetch som da

jquery click() on a link

:I'm trying to trigger a click on a link when a page loads via ajax call, I tried all methods I found, but I can't manage to do that.Considering that the link on which I want to trigger the click is given by this code

kendo window with minimize and maximize

:I have two kendo windows one below the other in the page with minimize and maximize options. When I close or minimize the first window the window below should come up. Could you please help me achieve this?

prettyphoto wont load when writing href using document.write

:i have some codes like thisclickfunction menu(id){ var d = document.getElementById(id); d.innerHTML ='

Markers not appearing on Google Map using wp_query to find points

:I am using the WP Favorite Posts plugin to allow users to select their favourite tours on the site. The posts are saved using to cookies to a saved template provided by the plugin. I have edited this template to include a map and to pull the coordinate

Efficiently convert rows to columns in sql server

:I'm looking for an efficient way to convert rows to columns in SQL server, I heard that PIVOT is not very fast, and I need to deal with lot of records.This is my example: ------------------------------- | Id | Value | ColumnName | ------------

Databinding in Polymer

:My GoalI want to databind the items property shown in this jsBin -- and have the rendered HTML text output match the value shown in the console.What I expect to see...When I open this jsBin, in the right pane labeled output, I expect to see the following

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