Universal app and landscape orientation for iPad

:I want to design a universal app that I'd want to support just portrait orientation. It's weird because Xcode allows you to select portrait orientation only in the target's Deployment Info settings (and in Info.plist), but reading the iOS Human Interf

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 when working with objc_setAssociatedObject

:This is the run time error log I am getting:Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_MyConstantKey", referenced from: -[LayoutViewController addLabelsAndButtonInBaseView:withLayoutObject:] in LayoutViewController.old: symbol(s) not found for a

Celery import and SQS connection issue

:I'm trying to follow the documentation to get started with celery, but running into hard to debug problems with the sample code. I can't tell if I'm hitting two sides of the same problem, or two unique problems. I can make a connection to the SQS qu

How to prevent Vagrant from creating a hostonly network?

:When creating a (linux) virtual machine using Vagrant and VirtualBox, vagrant implicitly creates a hostonly network interface on the virtual machine.Can this be prevented? I think there are no vagrant options to do this. Am I right?What is the best gener

Custom like predicate to handle custom user defined types (Hibernate UserType)

:I recently stumbled upon a problem where I have to build a JPA criteria with like predicate that accepts a custom type that is an implementation of UserType. The custom type I'm dealing with is nothing more than String wrapped with some additional info.

Extract specific node of JSON response in RESTEasy Client

:I'm retrieving a JSON string from an API using a RESTEasy client. The JSON payload looks something like this:{ "foo1" : "", "foo2" : "", "_bar" : { "items" : [ { "id" : 1 , "name" : "foo", "foo" : "bar" }, { "id"

Setter for NSManagedObject creates _CDSnapshot_Provence_

:I have two NSManagedObject:DataEnteredProvenceThere is a relation between them: DataEntered must have ONE Provence, and Provence may have one/multiple DataEntered.All is working well, but when using Instruments and Allocations, every time I set the Prove

RevMob check Banner is loaded or not in iPhone?

:I am using Revmob Framework for displaying ad banners and it's working fine.So now my Question is that how to know programmatically that banner is loaded or not?Like if we are using iads then there is a method "isBannerLoaded" to check banner is loade

How can I get my Spring.net Webservice working?

:I am trying to setup a Spring.net web-service but keep getting an error message that I cannot figure out.Error:System.NotSupportedException: Target 'target' of type 'Spring.Objects.Factory.Support.RootWebObjectDefinition' does not support methods of

Passing 2d array from Fortran to C [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Passing a two dimentional array from Fortran to C 2 answers I am having difficulty passing a 2d array from Fortran to C function. H

JoinTable doesn't have a regular Long id, but rather EmbeddedId instead, how do I create a Spri

:I've implemented @ManyToMany mapping with an EmbeddedId class, as per the example provided by @Vlad Mihalcea. It works, however I need to create and use Spring's REST repository for this JoinTable Entity.Usually, I would do something like this to enabl

configure own iterator for class php?

:I have a class Foo, I need to do :$foo = new Foo();foreach($foo as $value){ echo $value;}and define my own method to iterate with this object, exemple :class Foo{ private $bar = [1, 2, 3]; private $baz = [4, 5, 6]; function create_iterator()

Trying to set the tab order in XCode for OSX App

:I'm building an OSX Desktop app with XCode 7.3 and I'm trying to set the tab order for one of the forms.I've found a couple of posts explaining a similar problem for XCode 4 but not getting anywhere with it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRrE8eqp0dU

All static methods or a single instance?

:Sometimes, I come up with situations where a single instance of a class is enough, thanks to collections. An example would be my Decoder class:public class Decoder{ private static final Decoder instance = new Decoder(); private final HashMap

How do i get the method argument names

:I have this nice function that prints some info about a given method in a given type, here is a goplayit does all i need except i can't find a way to get the method argument names,any idea to achieve that? func AnalyzeMethod(instance interface {},met

Composite Pattern

:I have question regarding composite pattern.Is the base class "Component" act like a pointer to point leaf object in "Composite" class?Edit:Let me ask my question in following words."What is the relation between Composite and Component class?"Here

Refactoring code using Strategy Pattern

:I have a GiftCouponPayment class. It has a business strategy logic which can change frequently - GetCouponValue(). At present the logic is “The coupon value should be considered as zero when the Coupon Number is less than 2000”. In a future business str

IVsDropdownBarClient and GetEntryText: Problems with text buffers

:In my Visual Studio extension, I'm going to read the text that is in the navigation bar. Therefore I listen to window created events and from the IVsCodeWindow object I get the IVsDropdownBar to get the current selection in the dropdown bar. This works

Is it possible to write a word add-in or something similar to provide a custom mailmerge datasource?

:I've a backend system which I want to use as the datasource for MS Word 2010 mailmerge.I've the idea that I should write a word add-in which provides the datasource and is communicating with my backend over webservices. Is it generally possible to prov

Access ViewPager fragment from Host activity returns fragment as NULL

:I try to access ViewPager fragment from host activity, but MyFragment1 myFragment1 = (MyFragment1)getSupportFragmentManager().findFragmentByTag("android:switcher:"+R.id.new_pager+":0"); line return NULL fragment,How to get fragment from view pager pr

Hadoop and hbase java client.. issues with HbaseRPC

:I am trying to insert the data into hbase.I am running java program from remote machine. I have mentioned the code below.try { Configuration conf = HBaseConfiguration.create(); conf.clear(); conf.set("hbase.zookeeper.quorum", ":2181

Can an ArrayList of objects be sorted by a custom method in VBScript?

:First off - the language I'm using is VBScript, used with Windows Scripting Host. I don't really have the option of changing that and using something else.At this point, I have a number of records with multiple fields, read in from a file. I want to

How to put one WKInterfaceLabel below WKInterfaceLabel?

:hello all i have new in watchkit development and i have special requirement in which i arrange one WKInterfaceLabel below another WKInterfaceLabel, i try with lots off option like edit postions but WKInterfaceLabel is not set properly can you please help

Initializing an ICollection within XAML

:Trying to do something like this...public class MiniObject{ public bool Checked { get; set; } public String Caption { get; set; } public ICollection Content { get; set;}}

Disappearing cores in Solr

:I am new to Solr.I have created two cores from the admin page, let's call them "books" and "libraries", and imported some data there. Everything works without a hitch until I restart the server. When I do so, one of these cores disappears, and the l

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