Open javamail folder failed

:I developed an email website using javamail and apache-james and it works well mostly. But some user got Open failed Exception and cannot receive new mail.The code of receive email:Session mailSession = Session.getInstance(System.getProperties(), null);m

How to get the modified date and year of file in Unix? [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Print a file's last modified date in Bash 9 answers I am looking for a command to get the modified date of file in Unix including

SVG content of Telerik RadHtmlChart

:Currently, I have an aspx page in vb that launches a RadHTMLChart and I want to grab the SVG code of that chart. However, since the chart is rendered client-side, I have to launch this aspx page and then grab the SVG code from a second aspx page during p

Coffescript Callbacks & Functions

:I have this function and I am trying to use two large functions made up of smaller ones and one while loops. One for when it's the players turn, one when it's the opponent's turn, and a while loop when the player has won. When I run it in the browser,

How to remove end folder name from a path in Linux script?

:I am trying to make a simple command in Linux similar to cd.. in DOS. What I tried is to make a script that changes directory to a path, which I have to get from pwd, by removing the last folder name.So for a path: /home/usr/Downloads/images I want to ge

How to retrieve Ethernet adapter name in Windows 8.1 batch script

:I'm looking to pull the Ethernet adapter name out of ipconfig to use in a batch script which will create a static ip to that adapter name using netsh.Ethernet adapter Ethernet0: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : IPv4 Address. . . . .

How to measure the time of a Maya script?

:I have several methods implemented in MEL, and I would like to measure its performance. Is there any way to measure execution time of a fragment of code? Something equivalent to "getCurrentTime" in other languages. 1:the timerX() command will give y

Meteor Cordova: Cannot get camera plugin to work, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get

:I am trying out the Meteor Cordova camera plugin and it won't work, and I have no idea what I'm missing. Here is what I did:Meteor create new projectAdded the cordova camera package meteor add the defau

Psycopg2 under osx works on commandline but fails in Aptana studio

:I have been developing under Python/Snowleopard happily for the part 6 months. I just upgraded Python to 2.6.5 and a whole bunch of libraries, including psycopg2 and Turbogears. I can start up tg-admin and run some queries with no problems. Similarly, I

writing to sql server from C#, no errors returned

:I am trying to write to a database from c#:using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection()){ try { connection.ConnectionString = "Data Source=nesoi;Initial Catalog=SalesDWH;Integrated Security=True"; // This creates an object

How can I execute more a command based on the Button that called it? (Classes and tkinter)

:I am teaching myself Python and am currently working on my first project. I am making a calculator application in Python which I am calling Pythulator. I am trying to figure out how to concatenate the number pad's respective number to a number string wh

How to set app to trigger service/alarm at a specific time every day?

:So I want my app to send a notification at 8:00 a.m. everyday subjected to whether there is an event on that day or not.I have a SQLlite DB which stores the dates on which notification is to be sent. What I want from my app, is this- Everyday at 8 in the

s_client certificate validation fails in Windows for

:I downloaded Win32OpenSSL_Light-1_0_2.exe from Shining Light Productions and installed it to the default location C:\OpenSSL-Win32. I copied the file ca-bundle.crt to C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin and ran:C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin>openssl s_client -connect login.

SED (linux) issue with recursive

:I'm trying to replace the string $PHP_SELF by $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] in all php files. I've ran this command, but it simply remove the string and replace by nothing:cd /home/rg/public_html && find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 perl -i.php -pe "s/\\\

How to exclude certain observations while generating summary statistics without creating a new data

:My problem is:I have a large number of numeric variables for which I need to generate summary statistics. Some of the observations are coded "-99", which means the participant does not know the answer to the survey question. While calculating means for

Syntax error in a Python library, and I'm not sure how to proceed

:I'm using pyramid 1.5.1 and python 3.2, and I just added quite a bit of code and a couple libraries to my project.On running development.ini, I'm getting the error below.If I had to take a wild guess, I would say that this particular library (looks lik

Cross-compiled ICU4C does not work (all applications exit with code “1”)

:I am experiencing a problem with ICU4C version 52.I cross compiled it for TI AM335x board using the toolchain provided by TI (SDK 6.00.00); my development machine is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit.The problem is that when I deploy the library to my target platf

heroku migrations silently failing

:Note: this is my first time configuring a rails application, deploying a rails app and setting up a database. I very well might be doing something obviously stupid.I have a working rails application setup with postgres 9.3. I can run migrations, run my s

How to create a custom action not related to entity from sonata admin

:I need to add an action to clear symfony2 cache in sonata admin which will be used for example when JMS translations are updated.I would like to know how to create a custom action not related to entity in sonata admin and how to execute clear cache comma

Bash, getting the latest folder based on its name which is a date

:Can anyone tell me how to get the name of the latest folder based on its name which is formatted as a date, using bash. For example:20161121/20161128/20161205/20161212/The output should be: 20161212 1:Just use GNU sort with -nr flags for based on reve

I've installed dot net core on mac, but didn't find “dotnet” command

:Today I've just downloaded "dotnet-dev-osx-x64.1.0.0-preview1-002702.pkg" and installed it. After that I tried "dotnet" command in my terminal, nothing printed.I also tried Spotlight searching, seems nothing found.Where is this package installed at

How to treat 2 Directories as one in the command line

:I have a script, which takes a list of directories and compares their number of files. What I would like is to sometimes group two or more directories to be treated as one by the script. Of course I could modify the script but I would prefer to do this g

Why are my 'randomly' generated numbers are increasing every time I run the program?

:I'm trying to get randomly generated numbers by using srand() and rand() but with no avale: every time I run the program it increases by a certain amount of numbers. But if I use a for statement, no pattern can be seen.For example, if I use the code pro

MGet on file without extension

:In FTP, when I mget *, it only gets file with extension *.xxx and ignores those files without any extension, e.g. file name ACC001.How can I get those files without extension? 1:You'll probably find you need to set a site option somewhere (or use quo

Is there a way to find the most appeared/common span style in beautifulsoup python?

:As I need to proceed many pdfs with different styles, I have an assumptions that the main content will be under the most appeared/common span style.Is there a way to find the most appeared span style in beautifulsoup python?This is a command I used to fi

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