Powershell Copy files and folders

I have a PS script which Zips up the previous months logs and names the zip file FILENAME-YYYY-MM.zip This worksWhat I now want to do is copy these zip files off to a network share but keeping some of the folder structure. I currently a fol

XCode auto-scroll when pressing Command after a text selection

Xcode is scrolling my window when I press Command sometime, which makes my copy/paste tricky. How can I disable this? 1:This happens when:you use your 3 fingers to drag and do a selectionthen release your fingers in the small grey border

Running multiple python files in different terminals/consoles from one python file

I have 5 python files which i need to run on different terminals/consoles. Currently what i'm doing is running each file on its own terminal/console python filename.py.What i would like is to run one file that will run all the other files i

How do I run eclipse remotely using Cygwin?

I'm running on Windows 7 and I want to be able to access the remote linux server at my school to run eclipse and do my programming assignments.I installed cygwin, and ssh into the server, but whenever I run the eclipse command, it says Ecli

Binding to viewmodel's property from a template

I made a view for my GameViewModelI have some xaml like that

spork: command not found

I've just installed spork via adding the version to the gemfile and running bundle install. When I gem list I can see spork (0.8.4) so the gem is installed. Im still tyring to configure spork, so when I type spork --bootstrap or spork -v to

Segmentation-fault with PyObject_Call() in shared library for iTunes

I'm experimenting with the iTunes SDK and Cython. The DLL entry-point seems to work, but using any real Python causes iTunes to crash.The following code compiles fine and the plugin-dll is loaded successfully by iTunes.cimport libc.stdio

SET_NLS fails over Oracle ODP.net

I try to execute the follwing statement from a c# program with ODP.NET:string sql = BEGIN dbms_session.set_nls('NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS','''.,'''); END;; using (OracleConnection connection = new OracleConnection(Data Source=db;User Id

What is the use of SHA-1 fingerprint while accessing google apis?

This might be a silly question but I need to ask it. I am developing an application where I need to use google maps apis. Now while going through one of the tutorials I found out that in order to use the api, I need to generate a SHA1 finge

Select the Database name in iSQL plus

I have a database but I don't know it's name, and I'm wondering how I can know it using iSQL Plus.So if anyone could please advise. 1:Once connected to your RDBMS, you can issue the following command to query the database name:select or

Connect R to POP Email Server (Gmail)

Is is possible to have R connect to gmail's POP server and read/download the messages in a specific folder of mine? I have been storing emails and would like to go back and start to analyze subject lines, etc.Basically, I need a way to exp

Find regex, move the next line at the end of this line and copy the first 5 columns to the next line

I have such text:37 7 -------------- No aaa40 0 -------------- No bbbxxx zzyaa bb cc42 2 -------------- No cccxxx zyza b c d43 3 -------------- No dddxy zza aa ac52

Error while installing ionic framework

I have looked at the other questions and answers but still my issue is not solved.I have successfully installed node.jsNode version: 0.12.7NPM version: 2.11.3Now when I install Cordova, there are some warnings but it does get installed.Afte

Git - My branches are not showing after cloning a repo

I understand (as of just now) that when I clone a repo, I don't really clone it, I just bring the master down - this is how it works, right?So I need to checkout a remote branch with tracking, that's fine, but how do I see the remote branch

Rscript does not work when invoked in PHP but does from Command Prompt

I am trying to execute an R script from my PHP page using the exec function. I have set the environment variables in Windows and Rscript works fine on the command prompt. However on the PHP page it says, 'Rscript' is not recognized as an i

SOLR - sunspot_rails/sunspot_solr 2.1 - NO JSP support

I'm currently using the master branch of the sunspot_rails/sunspot_solr gem and when I run bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:run the following error occurs:2013-12-22 14:46:48.884:INFO:oejw.StandardDescriptorProcessor:NO JSP Support for /solr,

Oozie coordinator with sysdate as start time

I want to run oozie coordinator with start time as sysdate. How do I do that?is it possible to put sysdate as start date ? Will it catch up? 1:You can make coorodinator's start refer to a variable - startTime, then overwrite its value w

Registering a custom MIME::Type in rails

As per my need I'm trying to register a custom MIME::Type as follows (including text/plain)Mime::Type.register_alias application/json, :my_json, %w( text/plain text/x-json application/jsonrequest )But when I run following command in rails c

mpjboot bash: java: command not found

java and mpj express are installed in /opt in compute node. JAVA_HOME, MPJ_HOME and PATH are set already via bashrc.error when running mpjboot machines:bash: java: command not foundjava is working already in both machinesmpjboot:#!/bin/shif

Error URL for Prerrequisites Setup.exe Click Once VS 2008

I have this trouble:I am using VS 2008 Team Suite, and I have WinForms csproj. I want Publish it using ClickOnce.In Publish Properties of csproj, I have these values: Publishing Folder Location (web site, ftp server, or file path): C:\Cl

Call parallel fortran MPI subroutine from R

I would like to write some parallel Fortran code in a subroutine that can be called by R (I would like to read in data from R and send it to a parallel Fortran MPI). I have noticed, however, that when I run the following program as a subro

Table pluralization?

I have 3 tables with the following relationships (tables have been trimmed for simplicity and clarity):create_table users, force: :cascade do |t| t.string name, limit: 255, null: falseendcreate_table sleeves, force: :cascade do |t| t.inte

How to make a Python script run without it opening the console window?

I want to double click on my Python script (which uses a Tkinter GUI) and I just want it to open the Tkinter window, not the console window. To do this, I changed the extension from .py to .pyw and this seems to work fine on Windows but whe

how to run cucumber test using command line

I have test cases written in cucumber with java. I am using IDE IntelliJ. I can run from IDE UI by simply right click a feature file. but now the requirement is I need to run tests in jenkins using command line.explore maven option but has

initCoreNLP() method call from the Stanford's R coreNLP package throws error

I am trying to use the coreNLP package. I ran the following commands and encounter the GC overhead limit exceeded error. library(rJava)downloadCoreNLP()initCoreNLP()Error is like this : Loading classifier from edu/stanford/nlp/models/n

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