Add a class to the image closest to the center of the viewport

:On this page: [link-removed] I have a list of images and when you hover over each one it displays some info on the right, instead of triggering it on hover, how would i automatically trigger the image closest to the center of the screen so you can scroll

How to: Keep track of Progress on questionnaire

:Good day all, I am working on a practice app that involves fragments, keeping track of data, and SharedPreferences, Here is the scenario, I have a questionnaire-like app, it will ask the user 15 questions but for the sake of this example i'm going to sa

MVC3, Unity Framework with multiple configurations

:We have a multi-company capable site which requires unique business logic for each company. We are using constructor dependency injection in our controllers, but would need to swap the unity container being used based upon a user's company. I was thin

Overwriting jetty default ciphers

:My initial problem was that when I was using IncludeCipherSuites option in jetty configuration file, only TLS 1.2 was being supported. Please see below post for details:Jetty IncludeCipherSuites enables only TLS 1.2Based on the comments it appeared that

Import Excel, Export CSV with PowerShell

:Due to restrictions I either need to use VB or PowerShell for this task.I have an Excel that looks like:ColumA, ColumB,ColumC,ColumD,ColumE,ColumF000|Txt,MoreTxt , ColumB,ColumC,ColumD,ColumE,ColumFI read about import_csv -header, but I'

How does Android's screen locker work?

:Does anyone know where I can find some technical articles explaining the Android's screen locker mechanism? I want to understand how a password is protected, where it is saved, how it communicates with the locker screen, gui, etc. 1: How does Androi

Loop over list and insert into table

:I want to take value from one table and throw into another table. I have function where Im doing a bulk collect into a list. A List of beans. FUNCTION get_things_info ( p_part_id IN NUMBER) RETURN bean_listIS thing_list bean_list; BEGIN SEL

Using SUMIF or SUMIFS in excel sheet

:I have data in the sheet likeEmp JID Sumt 1004 1001 21142 1001 41166 1001 61167 1001 11169 1001 41170 1030 31171 1031 61172 1031 41173 1041 31174 1041 51145 1

How to print RGB color's name in objective c?

:I select the color in RGB and save it in string with color name my code color =[UIColor colorWithRed:255/255.0 green:0.0/255.0 blue:0.0/255.0 alpha:pixel[3]/255.0];Current Output: Color print: 1 0 0 1Expected output: Color = Red 1:I don't think ther

Update table Data without using while loop in sql server 2005

:in sql i have table data like belowid type amount 1 type1 2000 2 type1 1000 3 type2 500 4 type3 3000 5 type1 2000 6 type2 500 7 type3 5000

Store status between forms in AngularJS?

:I am going to try to be as specific as I can. This is what I am trying to accomplish:I want to be able to show a User, which kind of shoes fit its needs. The user will be shown 4 forms, one at a time.My idea is to show a form, and once the user clicks '

Animation process in Matlab

:I am just learning how to use Matlab. The problem is animating simple 2D plots. In trying to animate a line from (0,0) to (0, 10) connecting them in an animation I have this so far:x = 0;p = plot(x, y, 'o', 'EraseMode', 'none'); % p is the handle,

Clojure: enlive deftemplate can't use snippet

:I'm trying to create template that produces table with some data in it. Data comes from a map defined in msh-contents. (require '[net.cgrand.enlive-html :as html]) (def msh-contents {:title "Events mashup", :data-content [{:title

SQL grouping similar values together

:I am having a problem to group data. I have used the group by clause all the while, but this time I want to group similar valued data together.The need is I have some jobs which have sequence numbers associated. If I can group the jobs together which hav

Deserialize JSon Object error

:Hi I need your help for Deserialize Json Object. This is The code I wrote,String s = File.ReadAllText(@"C:\Users\User\Desktop/json1.json");var myfields = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(s);Console.WriteLine(myfields.Field

How to refactor code to use MonadRandom

:I am trying to use MonadRandom. I put it into randomPref function, but the whole thing brows up afterwards! Any tips are appreciated.module AgentGenerator whereimport System.Randomimport Data.Hashableimport Control.Monad.Randomimport System.Environment--

Make Command Button invisible in Kendo Grid

:I am new to kendo UI. In my code, columns are getting created as shown below.grid = $('#grid').kendoGrid({ columns: [ { width: 75, command: [{ name: "Tag",

XSLT transformation to group similar tags

:I have this XML with players and citizens sections. Each section has multiple person tags. ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> joe 20 <

Yeoman vs UrlRouting

:I see how Yeoman work perfectly for a single-page webapp, but I struggle when I try to make it work for a simple php webpage.I have a simple problem: yeoman deals with caching, by renaming the assets, which is cool.Now let's assume, that your webpage is

SSIS Package 2005 - dynamic ToLine

:I need to route an email using the Send Mail Task, in SSIS 2005 depending on a variable within a script task.So, far, I've created a Variable in the variables tab, but can't seem to figure out where to set it, or how to access it using the code. Apolog

Express query for SQL

:I am dynamically trying to pass the name of the table to SQL query in the part of express code belowBackground Information::What i am passing as a (key,value) is the string which will be thename of a table in sql databasewhy am i doing is to dynamically

Forward and inverse indexing of a triangular adjacency matrix stored in a single vector

:I have a map with points, I would like to know the distance between each point. (This is possibly known as Undirected Cyclic Graph). As there are a lot of points, with my storage being limited, the array needs to be dense. For 4 cities (n = 4), I need 6

Assigning values to 2D array created using malloc

:I created a 2D character array using malloc and have been trying to assign its values to '\0'. char **predicate_array = malloc(no_of_lines_in_data_map);for(int i = 0; i < no_of_lines_in_data_map; i++){ predicate_array[i] = malloc(1024 * sizeof(char

WebView “disabled” in Windows 8.1

:I just upgraded my app to Windows 8.1, but now pages that I am loading into the WebView are no longer interactive. I can't press any buttons or fill out any HTML form fields. My WebView looks like this

how to impersonate a windows domain user for automated web testing?

:we are about to build several UI test with selenium-rc and the java clientthe app itself is a classic asp web application that uses integrated security to retrieve the user's permissions from a database, and then, according to those permissions, display

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