Simple custom jbuilder json response

:I'd like to be able to create some super simple json string with jbuilder since it's included in rails 4 by default.Say I got some Categories current_project.categories.At the moment I'm using this jbuilder construct to get only the category titles:js

Domain name changes - how to redirect with ASP MVC 4

:we have change our domain name from to and put a new ASP MVC 4 web site on old.comBecause search engine still point to we would like to redirect some urls to the new one.What is the possible ways to tap into ASP MVC pipeline to re

UserSession.find returns nil after changing password

:I recently created a way to change the current user password, however after saving the record, my UserSession.find returns nil, I tried by writing{...}).save with no luck, any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?Here is my code, noti

How would you design a Collabritive/ Shareable Text Editor: Key points are given below

:Read/Write operations by multiple users.A user may be able to make the editor read only i.e only the creator of the session writes.You should be able to share the link of the current session to add more users to work on simultaneously.It should be concur

Access XML nodes with integer names

:For my application, I make an HTTPRequest, and get back some XML served from a JSP. That XML has some (yes, I'm aware this is invalid/improper XML. If I can't find a bandaid, I will try to address that internally) nodes with integers as names, say

How to get BAYEUX_BROWSER cookie from cometd.NET client

:I am using client, server side uses cometd java. After handshake, server will return a json payload, in response header, there isSet-Cookie: BAYEUX_BROWSER=533bkb4ydvb9rti9gz9zxs3fgfv, how to get this from client? I saw there is clientid in js

Parse HTML in jquery through ajax into elements and replace each corresponding on page

:I have the following on an HTML page:setInterval(function(){refresh()},5000);function refresh(){ $.post("test.php", { // nothing here }, function(data, textStatus) { $('

jQuery executing correctly but only making change once

:I have this rails3 app that displays a score in a popup div that I want updated every time an user selects the score... (submits the form.) on the server side the score is calculated and returned back in AJAX. This works, I can put a breakpoint in the f

Apigee API end point gives 503 on the browser, but a 200 on Apigee trace and curl

:We use Apigee proxy to invoke our API. All works well when we test it out within Apigee trace. Also works fine with curl. But on a browser, it gives a 503. This is not consistent though, sometimes it gives a 200 on the browser too. Tried Chrome and Firef

Return Promises instead of Async

:I want to return data which will look something like this[ shops: { id, products:[{Object}, {Object}] }, shops: { id, products:[{Object}, {Object}] } ]So I have list of shop ids on which I need to iterate and get the products for each sho

PHP XML for Google Maps InfoWindow

:What I'm trying to do is to get the following from my Google maps. I'm aware with JavaScript that it's client side and not server side like PHP so it is loaded before the JS is even ran. The problem is if I were to call the column post_id strictly thr

UIAlertController does not show immediately

:Xcode version: 7.2.1, iOS version: 9.1+I am trying to display a UIAlertController alert message on the iPad that shows a "Loading...Please Wait" message without any buttons on it. I present the UIAlertController before starting a long operation, and t

Django: serialize queryset with some custom columns and format some fields

:I have the following models in my Django > 2 Project:class Post(models.Model): text = models.TextField() date = models.DatetimeField(, blank=True)class Like(models.Model): post = models.ForeignKey(Post) user = models.ForeignKey(Us

Refresh Screen to Update ListField with new Data

:I am using a ListField Control to display data returned from xml webservice. I want to refresh the ListField or the screen every minute to update the ListField with new records or data.I tried using the code below but it is not working properly (It is ha

String string = request.getParameter(“data”) is null

:I am writing a servlet that will accept POST data coming from an AJAX request.Here is the code I send from the client:$.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "urlservlet", data: "{type:'" + "country" + "', coun

need help using NSXMLParser with ASIHTTPRequest

:I am currently trying to parse the string representation of my xml that I get back from my php script on my server which is passed to the ASIHTTPRequest method *- (void)requestFinished:(ASIHTTPRequest )request I want to use NSXMLParser to parse this xml,

PHP script that works forever :)

:I'm looking for some ideas to do the following. I need a PHP script to perform certain action for quite a long time. This is an extension for a CMS and this can't be anything else but PHP. It also can't be a command line script because it should be us

Send mail per request in django

:This is really killing me. I've been dealing with this for days. When a user download a file from my django web app, I want to notify the uploader that his file has been downloaded by sending a mail. The problem is, If I should download a low file size

php code required for android app that query database

:I work on an android app that should send a query parameter to a php code on server and the php code should retrieves the result and shows it for the user So I need to a php code for this task.JSONTransmitterpublic class JSONTransmitter extends AsyncTask

SOAP UI- Automation token retrieval process not working

:I have implemented the java script in the Automation window of SOAP UI in the Oauth Profile. But this is not working until user runs it manually. How to automatically call the script whenever my token will expired.enter code herefunction consent(){docume

How to set store trigger for computed fields in Odoo 8?

:I started using the new API of Odoo v8.0 but I cannot find useful information about store trigger in computed fields like this (for v7.0 and v6.1): Store Parameter in Odoo v6In Odoo v8.0, I tried to use the same syntax of v7.0 but I couldn't get it to w

Issue getting the images with sockets

:I'm writing a proxy server using sockets, now it seems that it's "working" more or less but the problem I'm experiencing now is that the images of the URL's are not getting back to the browser, only the text is returned...This is the code://create

Show year only once in archives loop

:I just started with PHP and mySQL and I'm creating some kind of blog. At time I think it's going well - I just got some trouble with my archives code.I think the solution will be pretty easy but I'm so blinded that I just can't find the point on my o

Having trouble getting Fogbugz API response into a SimpleXML object

:I'm trying to write a wrapper around the fogbugz API, starting with getting a login token. I don's seem to be able to get the token into my wrapper object.$url = "http://..../fogbugz/api.asp?cmd=logon&email=" . $_UN . "&password=" . $_PW;$contents

how to get x 509 certificate status by bouncy castle

:hi all i am trying to get x 509 certificate status by bouncy castlei am following following steps:-1) Read user Certificate2) Get path of user certificate to test it is good or revoked3) Read CA Certificate4) Read CA Certificate to connect to ocsp respon

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