CorePlot: unable to change pie chart position (displacement)

:I am unable to change the pie chart position (I would like it to be more left in respect to the legend so that the legend does not overlay the pie chart). Basically I would like to shift it towards the left to allow the legend to display. I tried modifyi

Solr: FileListEntityProcessor is executing sub entities multiple times

:I have configured a dih-import.xml as shown below. The FileListEntityProcessor walks through some folders and then executes a XPathEntity and a DB-Entity for each file.When I executed a full import for ~30.000 files, the import took almost 3 hours. Back

fill kendogrid with api controller in

:i use from kendo grid but my grid dont fill with values and when show page grid dont load.i use kendo 2014 and api controller code : public class ValuesControllerApi : ApiController{ public List Get() { GuaranteeEntitie

Kendo UI drop downs posting arrays

:Im using a Kendo UI listView with a template, how every when the form is submitted and the data is posted all dropdownlists are posted as an array. Thanks in advance!!!Heres my drop down lists in the template

Adding UIPicker to textfield

:I have a table view & I have to display text fields in some cells. When user click on the text field, I want the picker view to be displayed with integer values from 0 to 99. once the user selects the item in picker view the same needs to be displayed on

Make Command Button invisible in Kendo Grid

:I am new to kendo UI. In my code, columns are getting created as shown below.grid = $('#grid').kendoGrid({ columns: [ { width: 75, command: [{ name: "Tag",

JBoss Apache Configuration Issues

:I have the following Apache configuration. I have issue like DB connection goes for toss. I have database JNDI pool entry in my web.xml for the datasource configured in standalone.xml jdbc

Cannot register REST services

:I try to register a directory as a REST app in my CFIDE administrator: Error registering REST service. Please ensure that you have entered a proper mapping and path. Application servizi could not be initialized. Reason: The application does not contai

This operation cannot be performed while an auto-filled column is being resized

: Try MysqlConn.Open() For i As Integer = Me.DataGridView1.SelectedRows.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1 Dim Query2 As String Query2 = "Update blist SET quantity=(quantity-1) where quantity = '" & Me.DataGridVi

Reloading Listbox content

:When i see this post Here.However in my code i don't see any DataBind() Method.lstBox.DataBind();How to reload listbox in C#.Net?Refresh() Method is also didn't work. 1:You might try use ObservableCollection as the ItemSource, and all is done automa

Proper binding of json to Kendo DropDownList

:I have the following json data (see below) from a webservice query (_urlTowns). I want to bind a Kendo UI dropdownlist control to this datasourceTowns.{"displayFieldName": "TNONAM","fieldAliases": { "TNONAM": "TNONAM"},"fields": [{ "na

SQL Query result not displaying in Grails view

:I have followed several examples, but I can't seem to get the final part of displaying the query to work. I am not getting any errors, but it is not displaying anything even though the query works in SQL and I know its valid. I can't figure out what

using excel sheet as DB (datasource with connection string)

:I have the following database defined in app.config now:Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\table.mdbcan I use excel instead as datasource there? are there any limits if I use excel file, the database is simple 300 rows, and it

How to do datalist paging using linq to sql and datalist in asp 3.5?

:I'm using datalist in my application and i'm binding datalist with lisq to sqldim db=new linqdatacontext();var products=from p in db.products select p;datalist.datasource=products;datalist.databind();now how can i do paging in my datalist? 1:Use key

Correlate interdependent Event Streams with RX.Net

:I have a class that has, among others, the three following events:DataSourceLoadedDataSourceUnloadedDataSourceFieldChangedRight now I am using RX.Net in combination with its .Throttle()'ing functionality to slow down handling of burst / frequent incomin

Implement server-side paging with client-side Kendo UI Grid?

:Can anyone tell me how can I implement server-side paging with client-side Kendo UI Grid?I use below method.if any one use this method please help.$(document).ready(function () { function loadGrid(){$.ajax({ ..... data: JSON.stringify({ //skip: ski

How do i get a folder icon on all the parent nodes and folder plus icon on all the child nodes(icon

:I want to get icons before the nodes of the Parent node and the child nodes. For parent nodes it should be icomoon-icon-folder-plus and for child nodes it should be 'icomoon-icon-folder'.function treeView() { var treeMenu = new

how to add a new row with pre defined data in kendo grid?

:I'm trying to add a new row to a kendo grid with selected data from another kendo grid. Its showing a blank row but no data. Here is my code: var PunishmentGridDataSource = new{ schema: { model: {

Capture DropDownList Index Change event inside of grid View

:I am trying to capture the SelectedIndexChanged event for a drop down list I have put inside of a gridview control. It posts back fine, but does not go into my SelectedIndexChanged event handler. Here is my code DropDownList myddl; protected voi

Parse Push Notifications Testing PFInstallation Not Working

:I am an objective c coder trying to use push notifications in parse.I added the Parse setApplicationID and Client Key in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions section of the appDelegate.m file. Then I added these two methods:- (void)application:(UIApplicatio

Delete specific row in dynamically generated gridview

:I have a small GridView that will hold certain items. This is the code that generates the gridview after a user clicks an item: if (grdCarritoAddons.Rows.Count == 0) { dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Name", typeof(System.String)));

Angular 6 Get sorted data from Material Table

:Is there any way to get the sorted data from a material table after sorts on the table have been applied? I can see "filteredData" in the table datasource but there's no "sortedData". The reason why I want the sorted data is so that I can export it

Java: DBunitils + Spring: Different Hibernate-Dialect

:I currently use spring for depency injection. Hibernate uses a postgres dialect for the normal run, but I want to use HSQL for the DBUnitils Databank-Testing.My Spring-Configuration contains this:  377    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Last