C# - Populating Gridview

I want to create a grid view with one column containing empty textboxes where the user can input a number (quantity), some regular columns and a column dedicated to images.I have the following code in C#: Label_Error.Visible = false;

How to copy paste an entire row with in the same grid in Kendo UI Jquery

We can copy paste the value of a cell into other cells when we are batch editing . Now want to know weather we can copy paste an entire row with in the same grid.Found this http://www.telerik.com/forums/copy-and-paste-rows-in-kendo-ui-asp-

Configuring Liberty Profile to use H2 database

I have an embedded H2 database running that I have been connecting to as such:Browser H2 interfaceThis works exactly as desired. I'm using JPA/EJB/JSF to build an EAR that will run on Liberty Profile. I've configured Liberty Profile to work

Devexpress - How do I base a Gridcontrol's data on the sorted/filtered data from another GridCo

I have two GridControls on my form. One is a fairly large dataset, including a column named Score. I want my other GridControl to show a subset of this (e.g. Top 3 and Bottom 3 based on the values of Score). How can I best accomplish this?

how to update cell in datagridview?

i have datagridview that connect to my database (access)if i stay on any cell and change the value, a see that the value is changedbut when i make refresh i see that the value is back to the original value.how i can update this cell (withou

DropDownList inside EditItemTemplate

I am using a dropdown within an EditTemplate as such:

show/hide grid-view column by column name

I'm creating a web project in Visual Studio 2012 using C# which fetch data from database and shows in a grid-view. There are many number of columns in the database, which shows on the grid-view as it is. I want to make an option for the use

Can't edit my datagridview after binding to XML file via linq

Links to 2 similar examples on here which I can't really link to my exact case.Similalr example 1Similar Example 2Here is the code that populates my datagridview...XElement xdoc = XElement.Load(@C:\xmltest\test.xml); var lines =

Treeview checkbox selection with graph updation is not working properly

In my project i have chart and treeview while pageload chart update is not working properly means here in treeview only two checkboxes are checked in pageload but chart is displaying all the field values.i need to display only checkbox chec

How do I insert a record into multiple tables in a database

I'm self studying in C# and SQL Server 2005I have 3 tables in SQL Server 2005 and I have a form in C# that accept inputs to be saved in the database.My 3 tables are Hotel with columns Hotel No, Hotel Name, LocationGuest with columns Guest N

C# dropdown selected item null when list of strings/objects bound to the Data source

I am trying to bind a List of string to a Dropdown.On frontend, I am able to see the list of dropdown correctly but when I select a value and click on search, it throws a null reference exception because it seems like it is read only. This

Configure Ajax request made by Kendo to support cross domain ajax request

The basic kendo auto complete example shows a setup where matched search results are fetched through an Ajax request. The ajax loading works fine if the requested resource is on the same domain, but I was wondering if there is support for c

Exception : Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set

I had combobox in Windows Form which is bound to data from database.I did this well but when I tried to add first item <-Please select Category-> befor the data from database this error apeared (Items collection cannot be modified when t

Searching in Datagridview using textbox VB.net

Good day I am a beginner at vb.net programming and I'm having a problem about searching or filtering the datagridview using textbox. I have a one textbox for searching and a two button for retrieving values which is the student and vehicle.

Alternative to spring profiles

Using spring 3 I can determine which bean to use at runtime. But using Spring 2.5 what is the alternative?Here is the config within my context file :

Mask single column in datatable in C#

I have datatable to view in gridview. Now i need to mask 1st 6 digit of AdminNumber column content to XXXXXX895.DataTable Input:AdminNumber Name245637895 sham124563789 RamI need Datatable output as:AdminNumber NameXXXXXX895 Sh

springboot jta transaction rollback is not working

I want to perform transaction across database using JTA (using atomikos) configuration.I have below code which I wanted to perform in one transaction. However when I run the application, it saves entityObject1 and update eventObject2 and do

React Native: Child ListView will not update after element in parent is changed

I can't seem to get my ListView to update.I have a parent container with a toggle switch (). When the user clicks that toggle switch I'd like the ListView in the child component to update using the updated reservationLi

how to utilize HikariCP with Hibernate?

When I used Hibernate itself, I could've done something like Main.getSession().get(User.class, 1); where getSession() would call openSession() from the session factory. but how can I do the same with HikariDataSource? Wiki mentioned somethi

Weka output predictions

I've used the Weka GUI for training and testing a file (making predictions), but can't do the same with the API. The error I'm getting says there's a different number of attributes in the train and test files. In the GUI, this can be solved

datagrid 6 in VB 6.0

Hi All I want to assign a recordset to a datagrid control 6 in a VB 6.0 form. How to do it? 1:datagrid1.datasource=rs 'recordset

How to refresh kendo grid base on additional paramer

I have a customize Read function for kendo grid .... public virtual async Task Read([DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request, RecordStatus? recoredStatus){ // code here }now I want refresh my grid by using record

how to bind the data from database to the dropdown?

Suppose in .aspx page their is dropdown in which i want to bind two coloumn in that dropdown.for example :-in database their two column of First_name ,Last_name .I want these two columns value come in a single dropdown using C#.How to do th

Tab Bar and Nav Controller: Where did I go wrong in my Interface Builder wiring?

I've been working on an iPhone application in XCode and Interface Builder of the Tab Bar project type. After getting a table view of topics (business sectors) working fine I realized that I would need to add a Navigation Control to allow th

Display database item with DataSet to Datagridview from separated class to winform

My database is mysql.i try to load database item to datagridview with DataSet. Here i have a DBConnect.cs class that looked like this in another project, in a same solution.#region propertiespublic string property_sDataMember { get; set; }#

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