Language selection in the combo

:I configured my servlet to support internationalization, just as I showed below:

Automating File Download of a link that looks like this:

:I am trying to write an application that will download .csv and .xls files and save them into a folder that will be accessed later by a VBA macro. I am posting this question after the unsuccessful use of the solution in the following link: How do i downl

ASP.NET 4.0 WebForms Routing Javascript not works

:I'm try to use ASP.NET 4.0 WebForms Routing. Here is my RegisterRoutes function: void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) { routes.Ignore("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}"); routes.MapPageRoute("GoodInfo", "catalog/good/{good}", "

htaccess redirect from specific urls on home page or on another page?

:I read over 20 posts, and I did not find a solution, so in my case I want to redirect in home page or on another page, but i don't want to redirect Is this possible?I hope to have a solutio

Extend(wide) or Narrow titles by listing them in SSRS 2008

:I have a table in SSRS 2008 like:Zone NumOfPeopleZone1 50Zone2 30Zone3 20What I want is to change the table into: Zone NumOfPeople+ AllZones 100When I click + sign, I expect to see something like: Zone NumOfPeople- A

Method duplicates output

:Pretty new to sling and Java so I apologize in advance. But does anybody have any idea why when I'm at the root it's outputtingmy path twice? It's odd that it only happens at the absolute root. public static String generateTest(Page page, Page rootPa

Expand/shrink image in a div with JQuery

:I'm using some images as banners on my site. They're full (960px) width and I initially show a portion of the image as a teaser (say 160px high). I do this now by using a separate image which is a slice of the full size image (which is 600px high). Co adding row to a table in update panel

:I'm trying to add some rows to a table control in my updatepanel. I have a button in update panel and when the button is clicked, partial postback happens, in button_click handler I add 1 row to the table. I can trigger the postback event and I am able

Querying WCF Services with OData Params in POST instead of GET

:We call wcf svcs (not ours) and we're using gets for searching a product database.Example:$skip=0$take=10$includeTotalCount=trueWe were passing the Odata parameters to page the results of the SearchProducts svc. The s

Unable to get posted array from jQuery

:I am trying to post a group of arrays using the jQuery post method, but I am having trouble getting the value of the arrays. How can I get the values of the array that I have sent?If somebody could help me i would be grateful....Here is what i have done:

Equating Javascript and PHP Variables

:?php $a="cat";$html=<<this code displays cat,is this a valid way of equating javascript variables to php variables, 1:Valid is maybe not the word I would

Put a View Control in its ViewModel

:I'm developing a Windows 8.1 Store app with C# and .Net Framework 4.5.1.I'm trying to bind Password.SecurePassword to a ViewModel, and reading this SO answer I found a way to do it: Put the PasswordBox in my ViewModel.But I don't know how to do it. I

Need help changing variable value to then change a displayed message

:I am new to Javascript, HTML, and CSS so I have been playing with a lot of new functions, objects, styles, tags, etc.I was working on some basic math. functions and decided to try and create a life system for future reference if I ever made a game. I wan

How to use javascript to select a row of radio buttons when a checkbox is selected

:What I need to do is check to see if the checkbox is checked, and if so, select all the radio buttons located within the same element?I've set up the elements with id's, b/c that is the "physical" grouping of the elements that will be affecting eac

Elasticsearch Terms Query exclude large amount of users

:I'm working on a tinder like app. In order to exclude profiles that user has swiped before, I use a "must_not" query like this: must_not : [{"terms": { "swipedusers": ["userid1", "userid1", "userid1"…]}}]I wonder what are the limits using t

Print labels via a redirected printer

My task is to print labels via a thermal printer. To this purpose a string of tspl(programming language that the printer understands) commands is generated and sent to the printer. The latter is done in with the following method taken from the micros

asp:DropDownList selectedvalues in multiple selection list

:I have asp:DropDownList wich is populated from SQLdatasource and I need to set selected items on select list (asp:DropDownList or asp:DropDownList). Here is my code:

what is the common practice on limit the result in RoR?

:The situation will like this .... .... a user have many posts. But if I loop back all the posts, it will become very slow. So, I may look back the first ten (1-10). When the user click "next", it will get the (11-20). So, my question is, how can I impl

How to round up integer in PHP?

:I want to round up any an integer to the next tens place number.Some examples to illustrate my point:-- I have the number 1, I would like this rounded up to 10-- I have the number 35, I would like this rounded up to 40-- I have the number 72, I would lik

Bootstrap Center Scafolding

:I'd have two "sections" in which I am using the bootstrap 3 scaffolding to style. I am having a hard time figuring out how I might have these maintain their column spacing while still be centered on the middle of the page. For example right now it i

How can I pass a filter into an angular directive to be used in an ng-repeat?

:I'm trying to set up a directive so that I can pass in both the data to be used in the directive, and the specific filter that will be used in the ng-repeat inside of it. This isn't working, so I assume I'm approaching the whole problem wrong.How do

ASP.NET Web Api 2 - Attribute Based Routing - How do I force a parameter to query string only?

:I am working on a Web Api 2 project and I am using attribute based routing. Here is a sample route:[Route("{id:int}", Name = "GetEmployeeById")][HttpGet]public IHttpActionResult GetEmployee(int id){ ...}This works with the following URLs:://host/e

C++ sizeof integral types

:I have heard from books, presentation about minimal size for integral types in C/C++Sizes below are in bytes:sizeof(char) >= 1sizeof(short) >= 2sizeof(long) >= 4sizeof(long long) >= 8But I cannot find those guarantees in standards.So are there any guaran

Prevent user to leave my page in js

:In my form i have an unshow modal. I open the modal if the user click on my "leave image" and i ask if he want to leave. Is that possible in JavaScript (Jquery ?) to "stop" the reloading or the page change to show my modal and continue the action (Re

using selectionStart on programmatically-created inputs

:Is it possible to set and get .selectionStart and .selectionEnd on a that I create programmatically? Examplevar input = document.createElement("textarea");input.selectionStart; // 0 - just to confirm the property existsinput.selectionStart =

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