How to change the attributes for all objects inside a list in python(3)?

:I am new to python and unfamiliar with manipulating python lists. I have a list of tkinter widgets, more specifically buttons, which have been added to my list btnList by using:btnList.append(btn1)btnList.append(btn2)Normally to change an object's attr

Java: wait for thread result without blocking UI?

:Let me post some code before I ask question. public Object returnSomeResult() { Object o = new Object(); Thread thread = new Thread(this); thread.start(); return o;}public void run() { // Modify o.}So, the method returnSomeResult is called

Apache Flume stopped streaming Twitter data after Twitter API SSL/TLS mandatory requirements.

:I have followed cloudera's tutorial ( for an application to ingest twitter data into HDFS using Apache Flume. Twitter has restricted its api connection to SSL/TLS only with effect

win32 api edit control can't be selected or edited

:I created an edit control using win32 api like this: CreateWindow("edit", "", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 0, m_position, CONTROLS_WIDTH, EDITBOX_HEIGHT, m_editorWindow, (HMENU)GetNextComponentID(), m_instance, NULL)I can change the text from it usin

Bound Drop Down List changes to first item in list

:I have two drop down list on a page. The first one list projects and the second list users. The userlist is populated with an object datasourse that pulls a list of users for the selected Project.Whenever the Project list selection changes the second d

Keystone JS: local file uploads being auto-renamed

:Whenever i am uploading file after upload name is getting change to random value? I think it is default function of keystone.How can i stop this? 1:You can pass originalName: true to the schema configuration. This gives you both names as a reference.

Highstock performance issue

:When use Highstock we meet a performance issue when we use the line with compare.We need to add 15 line series and each series have 800 points. And it will cause the "Stop running this scripts" issue in IE 8 or lower.And this happens not only when we a

Unable to get Python to POST on html

:I've been trying to get my python code to post. I have tried using the Postman Plugin to test the post method and I would get a 405 method error. I am planning to have the user post the information and have it displayed.Currently if I press submit I wou

HTML Form seemingly not posting to PHP

:Hello and thank you for your time.Regardless of the amount of research I do, I cannot find an already-discussed solution to this problem. The problem is that the submit button automatically redirects, seemingly without posting the form. It worked until I

Insert Data Validation using Google Apps Script

:I'm trying to insert an in cell dropdown menu (Data > Validation > List of Items) in a Gsheet using Google Apps Script. I want to do this because every time I use the spreadsheet the 'list of items' will change slightly and I don't wanna have to go t

Can I link multiple contacts to one by programming on WP8.1?

:In People Hub, user can link multiple contacts to one. Here I want to ask if there is a way or API to made it by programming? 1:I find a way, that is you can create some contacts with the same name and the same phonenumbers, the People Hub will link t

xsd - validating values from external dictionary file

:I would like to define a schema for a document like:... ford mondeo...the problem is that I would like to constraint possible values (so ford/mondeo or audi/a4 would be valid values for make/model, but audi/mondeo

How to change backup location dynamically in sql server

:Requirement : Due to some space issue our scheduled jobs are failing so to avoid this I have developed if FreeSpace is >50 GB then backup to F drive , If FreeSpace is < 50 then backup to G drive .. it has to check the all the drives and change the path a

How to track facebook password change and profile changes?

:I am integrating facebook iOS SDK 4.0 in my mobile app. I came into scenario where user logged into our mobile app with facebook credentials, after some time the user changed his password and Firstname in facebook. Now How do I track this change in mobi

How to explicitly set a text box in a form to dirty?

:I already saw questions like, How to set a particular field in a form to dirty in angularjs 1.3 and Angular.js programmatically setting a form field to dirty but they are not working.I am auto-filling a text box in angularjs as:$ = "S

How to group articles by tags?

:I need to group my articles by tags like this:TAG1Article 1Article 2Article 5TAG2Article 3Article 4TAG3Article 6Article 7Article 8How i can do this? 1:This should work: ?php $args = array( 'orderby' => 'name', 'order'

EXCEL VBA: how to count scenarios?

:I am finishing a project and seems like the last part is the most difficult.I have 7 (6 + 1 optional) columns that have this sort data (some of them have only earlier/later/na, and some of them earlier/later/equals/na). For example three rows:OK OK

MS Dynamics: retrieve the schema of entities to use it in SOAP?

:I'm trying to add some entities via a SOAP client, to MS Dynamics (online). My client is not a Microsoft client.Do you know a way to retrieve the schema of Entities like Account, Prospect etc... I would like to know how . I really need to know it , for

How do you add a rule to cells in excel?

:I have a set of data extracted from Hyperion Essbase in which I would like to add a rule over those cells. I've tried conditional formatting, but I'm not getting what I want.For example some cells contain 0.000 or 13.5232 and the rule I want over them

JFreeChart x axis Format

:How to format x axis labels? I have a chart(look at attach1)I need to change x axis labels to the labels in the next attach (but with the same chart) 1:To set the label of the axis (in your example "counts") callXYPlot plot = (XYPlot) chart.getPlot(

Layout not refreshing after orientation change

:I have the following Activity definition:

Add simple validate to form file upload in AngularJS

:I have an AngularJS form whose contents are sent to a nodemailer backend. This works just fine, using the following directive to add a file upload component to the form:.directive('fileModel', ['$parse', function ($parse) { return { restrict: 'A

How to run shtml include in php

:I have dozens of .shtml files on the server which include this statement to include .inc files: This is exactly how it shows on the source which is working just fine.I am wondering whether I can run this on

Toggle data based on checkbox value with morris.js

:I'm getting trouble in making what I want morris.js charts to do.My goal is to be able to toggle specific lines based on input[type=checkbox] value.So far here's what I have done:JS codevar morris = Morris.Line({ element: 'line-example', data: [

functions in c++ call by value and call by reference

:Following code is an example to call function in both methodsPlease tell me major difference or meaning between call by value and call by reference1.Call by value. 2.Call by reference.The following code illustrates call by value method.I specified my do

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