How instantiate a concrete class in init binder?

Question:I have to bind an abstract class to my controller request handler method.Before I instantiate the concrete class with @ModelAttribute annotated method:@ModelAttribute("obj")public AbstractObh getObj(final HttpServletRequest request){ return

How instantiate a concrete class in init binder?

Question:I have to bind an abstract class to my controller request handler method.Before I instantiate the concrete class with @ModelAttribute annotated method:@ModelAttribute("obj")public AbstractObh getObj(final HttpServletRequest request){ return

using jquery mobile and codeigniter framework php

:I'm creating jquery mobile site using codeigniter framework.If I start my project without using jquery mobile in the head everything work but if I insert jquery mobile in the head of my page and try to start my project I receive a gray page with write o

Python TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, NoneType found

:I copied this code from a book:lyst = {'Hi':'Hello'}def changeWord(sentence): def getWord(word): lyst.get(word, word) return ''.join(map(getWord, sentence.split()))I get this error:Traceback (most recent call last): File "

cudaTextureObject_t compatibility with Fermi

:I have implemented a kernel that process data where the input comes from an cudaTextureObject_t. To increase the throughput of my method, I call this kernel with N different stream objects. Therefore, I create N texture objects that are then passed to th

Reading function from a file in Fortran 90

:I have an optimization solver in Fortran 90. So, if I want to change the objective function I have to modified the main file and write the objective function in this way: subroutine fobj(n,x,f) implicit none integer :: n real(8) :: f real(8)

Having set /p ignore capital letters in batch

:Is there any way (via tag or other wise) to have Set /p ignore capital letters in a batch script? 1:I don't know about ignore, but you could convert them to lower case.Set /P Text=Please type something: Set Text=%Text:A=a%Set Text=%Text:B=b%Set Text=

'rails server' starts thin twice, shuts both down. Cucumber still works

:My rails application fails to start up in development mode. It appears to work in both production and test mode. Here is what I get when I run 'rails server': Thin web server (v1.5.1 codename Straight Razor)Maximum connections set to 1024Listening on

Access to many-to-many relation in array format, symfony2

:in symfony we can access many-to-many relations with getter functions which return objects of ArrayCollection type.for example for getting Alex's students we can call $alex->getStudens(), then i have access to ale's studens object. now my question is h

Dynamic search/filter core-list (Polymer 0.5)

:I need to implement a filter-type search which hides items in core list if they do not match the search. I created a .hidden class that is applied to an item if an expression returns false:class = {{ {hidden: !match(, hQuery)} | tokenList }}Th

Why isn't my UserControl keeping its initialization?

:I have a UserControl for which I think I'm initializing some of the members:// MyUserControl.csusing System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ComponentModel;using System.Drawing;using System.Data;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using Sys

display a javascript message before proceeding

:I have this code that is to fetch a particular item in the database after the user presses a button. If the item is found I would like to display a confirm message via javascript and I don't know how to show it.After obtaining the item from the database

Working with Facebook PHP SDK: Uncaught CurlException: 26: failed creating formpost dat

:I had a look at several stackoverflow posts about this error message, but none of them worked for me. I want to upload a photo to facebook: public function uploadPhoto($path){ $photoSettings = array( 'access_token'=> $this->facebook->getAcces

Allow my API to be access via AJAX

:I have an API that fetches some date on the server.public function post_events(){ header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *'); header('Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST'); header("Access-Control-Allow-Headers: X-Requested-With"); $ci

Datagrid column IsReadOnly property not working in Silverlight 4?

:I'm currently working on a DataGrid which in some conditions should disable or enable particular columns by changing IsReadOnly to true and vice versa. I attached to CurrentCellChanged and CellEditEnded events in which I change the column IsReadOnly pro

How do I display all the date of birth from a node?

:I have xml document with 3 dates of birth, current, approximate and just date. I want to display the 3 dates as output.My xml code Female 03/4/1956

Passing a void function as an argument to another function

:I'm trying to pass a void function to another void function, unsuccessfully so far. So I created this function inside the class called ExitButton like this. ExitButton.h:class ExitButton{ void setup(void (*_setup));};Then I include that class into anoth

force another file to define a function

:Lets say I have 3 seperate files called: main.c, test.c and test.h. How could I "force" a function that includes test.h to define a function which is already declared in test.h, that test.c file can call it. This ia a bit messy, so let me give you some

2 images animated using Javascript

:From doing research and asking for help I have so far built an animation moving from left to right using the code in the JSFiddle below. This loops every 20 seconds. now I need a second image that moves from right to le

WPF DataGrid RowEditEnding Event to call Update

:I am using WPF . . . datagrid bound to a database via the VisualStudio IDE drag and drop, and found a way to have my datagrid update and add to the database in real time using the RowEditEnding event thusly:private void Update_WatchList(object sender, Da

Error using select function in R [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Count 5 highest values of a variable 2 answers I want to get the song that user's play most frequently. The three fields I want in

C#: How to set member arrays of an unsafe struct

:I am working on a VS 2015 MVC C# web application that loads a 3rd party C++ DLL I do not have source code for. The DLL requires an input param. The new spec requires a couple of array members. One is an int array and the other is a char array.My C# struc

Making sure at least one checkbox is checked

:I have a form with multiple checkboxes and I want to use JavaScript to make sure at least one is checked. This is what I have right now but no matter what is chosen an alert pops up. JS (wrong)function valthis(){ if (document.FC.c1.checked) { alert (

Parse HTML in jquery through ajax into elements and replace each corresponding on page

:I have the following on an HTML page:setInterval(function(){refresh()},5000);function refresh(){ $.post("test.php", { // nothing here }, function(data, textStatus) { $('

how to start the javascript function in my firebreath plugin

:I have implemented a javascript function in firebreath plugin file 'MyPluginProject.cpp'likevoid MyPluginProjectAPI::MyJsThings(){ std::string argument = "my javascript functionality goes here"; m_host->evaluateJavaScript(argument);}Now to use

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