Grouping results “fairly” using LINQ

I have a list of system users that are awaiting to be assigned with an account.The assignment algorithm is very simple, assigning should be as fair as possible which means that if I have 40 accounts and 20 system users I need to assign 2 ac

jQuery Validate plugin not working

This is driving me nuts. The jQuery validation plugin doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. Here's the code: This is the validate code which is causing the error.

Randomly Generated Numbers from Boost Pareto Distribution

So I did a fair amount of looking around stack overflow and google before asking this question. I have a simulation that I am working on and need to be able to generate random input data between 0 and 1.0 that follow certain statistical dis

Wicket basic implementation of wizard steps

is there any basic implementation wicket 6.20 provides for a step overview functionality like in this picture or like this if the other won't work?When looking at the documentation I couldn't find anything close to it, so I started by doing

Linked List From Text File

I'm very new to pointers and linked lists but I'm trying to write a simple program that reads in data from a text file into a linked list. I'm having trouble with the input function. It looks like this:DVDNode* CreateList(string fileName){

Override Plugin Function in WordPress

I have a Plugin installed on my WordPress site.I'd like to override a function within the Plugin. Do I override this in my theme's functions.php and if so, how do I do this?Here's the original function in my plugin: /** * sensei_star

CustomContent in Primefaces selectOneMenu without persisting object

I am using the Primefaces SelectOneMenu ( with the Custom content version as described in the demo.The problem is that the columns only work if the actual value of the field, whic

In CQRS how to work with NServiceBus to update Command and Query store

In CQRS, how do you make sure a command handler is updating the write store and read store transactionally?I am not sure if these two steps are suppoed to be a transaction?Or do you rely on eventual consistency here? Meaning the read store

Django ManyToManyField error object has no attribute 'location_set'

This seems like a really trivial question, but it is killing me.models.pyclass Location(models.Model): place = models.CharField(Location, max_length=30) [...]class Person(models.Model): first = models.CharField(First Name, max_leng

use stream to sum all values from array stored in map

I have a map which looks like this: Map urlFormEncoded = new HashMap();and I would like to sum all values stored in String[] arrays as a double valueI tried something like this: double requestAmount = urlFo

How to copy a Excel Sheet into another Workbook using Apache POI for Java?

I am trying to copy a Excel sheet into another Excel Workbook. All the possibilities I found browsing the web won't work with formulars. The best code I found: y

Processing certain form elements to build objects

All,I have a section of a form where the user can add elements dynamically. They are able to add rows containing 3 input fields at a time. Note that I am not binding these dynamic elements to the model - I will handle in the HTTP POST proce

Rails count records without querying again

Say i queried tablerawStats = received number of all tokens in a table.Looks like this:3e79a387c29bda1069271e06ad03d82b8296242e059681f46ab1c1fa8cf8443a82f0898172e0b646eacd846ea4e91b49f92f416f61e0f2d075

Highlighting text using Html.fromHtml

I am trying to add background color for the string inside MultiAutoCompleteTextView.I am overriding replaceText method in multipleAutocompletetextview, trying to replace charactersequence with html like this@Overrideprotected void replaceTe

Display .phtml page in another .phtml page

I have created a new.phtml page in catalog/product/new.phtml.which contain new/latest products.i have another .phtml page [product_slider.phtml]. i want to add new.phtml into product_slider.phtmlis this possibale.?? how to use.. any idea.?

Jquery, get url from click and pass to confirm button in dialog

I have this jquery code:$(#deletec-box).dialog({ autoOpen: false, resizable: false, height:230, modal: true, buttons: { Confirm: function() { window.location = 'hrefurlfromclick'; $(this).dialog(cl

Vuejs - pass data from parent to child with props

I have started playing with Vue but faced an issue when trying to pass data to a component using props. In the code below this.myData (in the Hello.vue) is undefined for some reasonApp.vue

How to add a Hash object to an ActiveRecord class? Tried but migration fails

I want my ActiveRecord class User to contain options (a bunch of string key-values), so I wrote:rails generate migration AddOptionsToUser options:HashIt generated:class AddOptionsToUser < ActiveRecord::Migration def self.up add_column :

Rotating polygon in OpenLayers 3

I am new to OpenLayers 3 and I want to know how to rotate a polygon.I think if there is a way to do it it should be by using the applyTransform method ( order to t

How to solve this ComboBox item setting problem?

This code is not setting right value to the combobox. This is because, those are from different contexts.In addition, in my actual problem, neither overloading == in nor overriding Equals() in MyClass is working as well.Any alternative way?

Using Range(Cells() Cells()).Style results in application defined or user defined error

Curretly I'm trying to style a range of cells if certain criteria are met. I am able to sucessfully apply a style to one cell, but have so far been unsuccessful in applying this to a range. Here's what I know works:ElseIf OneA / OneC > 0.

PHP $_SESSION problem

I'm making a login page for my website. It is also done [done in the sense that it will not, not in the sense that it is secure.] am getting an error on line 30 with $_SESSION['username']=$username; - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T

How to subset SparkR data frame

Assume we have a dataset 'people' which contains ID and Age as a 2 times 3 matrix.Id = 1 2 3Age= 21 18 30In sparkR I want to create a new dataset people2 which contains all ID who are older than 18. In this case it's ID 1 and 3. In sparkR I

Change backgroud color with color gradients

I want to change the background color from my combobox.But I would like to retain the color gradients.I've tried using this code but still does not get the effect. How can

get the position of a descendant node from ancestor, not necessarily a sibling

In the following xml snippet I have a section with a footnote, and a subsection with a footnote. I want to renumber the footnotes sequentially starting at the paper/section level, despite the fact that the fn's are not siblings<?xml version

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