Vagrant file_put_contents permission denied

I cannot seem to allow permissions in vagrant. I am attempting to run importbuddy.php in order to migrate a WordPress instance. I get the following error.file_put_contents(/path/): failed to open stream: Permission deniedI have setup permis

Python Unicode UnicodeEncodeError

I am having issues with trying to convert an UTF-8 string to unicode. I get the error.UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 73-75: ordinal not in range(128)I tried wrapping this in a try/except block but then

setText in custom view

I have created a custom class from a tutorial online. It works fine, but what I want to do is make it so that I can set the text of the view, just like I would any other view. How is that accomplished. Here is the xml for the custom view

PyOpenCL returns errors the first run, then only 'invalid program' errors; examples also n

I am trying to run an OpenCL kernel using the pyOpenCL bindings, to run on the GPU. I was trying to load the kernel to my program. I ran my program once and got an error. I ran it again without changing the code and got a different, 'invali

php string variables in gettext (forgot one case scenario)

I've posted a question yesterday but I just realized that the answer doesn't seem to be working for a certain situation. The post was php string variables in gettext and here is what I asked about: Hello, How does gettext translate str

How to upgrade the project build in visual studio 2005 to visual studio 2008?

I have one OPC ( OLE for Process control ) server project which is developed into visual studio 2005. I want to run it in visual studio 2008. The coding for the OPC server project is done in VC++. I want to connect my OPC client to this OPC

Controlling the actions with org-mode

When I have a python code in /abc/hello with -rwxr-xr-x and I have a [[/abc/hello]], I click the link to run hello code. Can I change the action so that I can edit (open an editor) abc/hello file? I tried this(setq org-link-abbrev-alist '(

how to start stacked bars from a negative value?

I am trying to create a stacked bars chart in dimple.js with the stacked bar starting from a negative position. Is there any property of the chart that does this or is there any tweak that we can put into dimple.js file? 1:That's a sligh

Hyperlink click is not firing

I'd like to catch click on hyperlink with JavaScript. I used this code :for (var i = 0; i < document.links.length; i++) { document.links[i].onclick = function() { doSomething(); } }On normal hyperlink

Swift - Load storyboard programmatically

func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool { // step 1. check the device var idiom = UIDevice.currentDevice().userInterfaceIdiom // step 2. take a story

Execute command line in C# but hide it from taskmanager

I'm executing command lines containing passwords in C#, if I display the optional Command Line column in the windows task manager (Processes tab) it contains all the arguments including the passwords,could you think of a way to hide this, l

Set useDefaultWebProxy=false on WCF Client with the Web-References

I have a Windows-Forms application with added Web-References to a WCF Service. I need to set on the wcf client the property useDefaultWebProxy to false.If I had added the Service-References, instead of the Web-References, I could easily mod

How do i select text from a text field using 'CTRL A ' using selenium webdriver?

I am using selenium webdriver with ruby.clc = WAIT.until { driver.find_element(:id, 'embed-showembedcode') } driver.action.key_down(:control).click(clc).send_keys(a).key_up(:control).performThis what i am using but i get a error.. {testc

Segmentation-fault with PyObject_Call() in shared library for iTunes

I'm experimenting with the iTunes SDK and Cython. The DLL entry-point seems to work, but using any real Python causes iTunes to crash.The following code compiles fine and the plugin-dll is loaded successfully by iTunes.cimport libc.stdio

gulp rollup not working external resource import

I'm using gulp-rollup plugin with properly configured babel. Transpiled code from babel needs babel-polyfill to be loaded so I putimport babel-polyfill;at the top of my main file (babel-polyfill is of course installed).Unfortunatelly, gulp

Import XML file into Access

I have a bunch of xml documents structured like this: Project1 Dependency 1 Dependency 2 ...

Merge GWT generated files

I'm trying to create a JavaScript library from GWT.The big deal: I want to merge the JavaScript files into one.Basicly GWT generate two files: [Your_Project].nocache.js => The bootstrap [MD5].cache.html => The proper(?) JavaScr

Webview: Cannot display local image on phone but displays on emulator

I have went through all the posts on displaying local images on android phone. I can see the local image on emulator but on phone - Webpage not available. However I can load other webpages on phone with webView.loadUrl(

How to use jQuery UI DatePicker and MVC 4 with custom format (dd.MM.yyyy)

Let's say you want to use the datepicker with the custom Romanian format: dd.MM.yyyyHow can you do this without encountering jquery validation problems and misinterpreting of the date time after a postback ? 1:First of all include datepi

Getting error “Error loading private server key”

So I was implementing rush in Orion Context Broker Server instance, and whenever I try to start the contextBroker with the following command:contextBroker -rush localhost:1234 -https -key privkey.pem -cert cert.csr, I'm getting the followin

How can I play a random sound on click in a web page?

I want a random sound to play on a click on a button on a web page. I have researched it quite a bit and this discussion has helped me most: poster recommended making a Javascript function to run

Handling SVG in Windows Phone app

I am looking for some resources about that. I have svg kind of map file and I would like to put on it some pushpins.Any tutorials available in this subject? 1:Here's a speculative route for you.Use INKSCAPE to convert the SVG to XAML.See

How to give write permission to var/log folder to log errors

I am using python logging in django and I want to log errors to var/log folder. I am getting this error :Unable to configure handler 'exception_logs': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/log/exceptions.log'Below is my code snippet in

E_NOINTERFACE result from D3DX11CreateEffectFromMemory

I'm just getting started with Dx11. D3DX11CreateEffectFromMemory is returning E_NOINTERFACE.I know what E_NOINTERFACE means in terms of COM, but I don't know how to resolve this. The shader compiler claims to have successfully compiled th

iPhone external library

I have a library I want to use for a project for the iPhone. it has the direction to build it differently for the iPhone and the simulator:make ARCH=i386 PLATFORM=iPhoneSimulator # Simulatormake ARCH=armv6 PLATFORM=iPhoneOS # iPhoneEach cre

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