Silverlight Programmatically select text

Question:I am playing with a Silverlight control that has a TextBox and Button. When I click the button (which calls SelectText below), I want to select all the text in the textbox.Here's my code: private void SelectText() { TextBox tb = thi

Loading Contents into TextBox in WP8

:I need to update the data on my server. I need to GET the dataAnd need to store it in a TextBoxThen I need to perform my Update operation.I'm able to GET the data from server but unable to display it in the text boxMY in XAML code:

Powershell with Image Magick Montage reading from text file

:I am working on a PowerShell script using Image Magick's montage function. My script works until the source files (.jpgs) volume increases to an ambiguous number of files. Once there are 'too many' files, the script fails due to 'Program 'montage.ex

Error “A referential integrity constraint violation occurred”

:Can you please help me with my code?I have 2 models:public class Author{ public int Id { get; set; } public string AuthorName { get; set; } public IEnumerable Books { get; set; }}public class Book{ public int Id { get; set; } public

SQL Parameters Inside A Loop

:i have a list that i am pulling things out of to insert into a database. This is not going to be a web app so i have just been doing as follows:string sqlStorage = (null,"asd"),for (int i = 1; i < listsize; ){sqlStorage = sqlStorage + "(null,someVaria

win32 api edit control can't be selected or edited

:I created an edit control using win32 api like this: CreateWindow("edit", "", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 0, m_position, CONTROLS_WIDTH, EDITBOX_HEIGHT, m_editorWindow, (HMENU)GetNextComponentID(), m_instance, NULL)I can change the text from it usin

Concatenated Text in TextBlock DataTrigger

:I try to work with a concatenated text in the setter of a textblock.textblock looks like that: