Android how to write the query with a proper proje

Question:I have a sqlite table called TermTable with id, selected, term and type columns:static final String TermTable = "Terms";static final String ID = "id";static final String Selected = "selected";static final String Term = "term";static final

Inheriting C++ project properties in VS 2010

:I have a C++ project in VS2010. I would like another C++ project to inherit its properties (e.g. include directories, external libraries, etc.). It seems the best way to do this is to use Property Sheets, but I can't figure out how to do it. When I try

AWS Bucket Policy Invalid Resource

:I'm having some trouble with AWS Bucket policies, I followed the instruction and it doesn't let me set the policy, so I can't get my domain to work with the buckets.Here is a picture. The tutorial told me to replace with my bucket name.I'

Login session timeout

:I would like to set a timeout for the login session of x minutes. I have created a SessionListener:public class SessionListener implements HttpSessionListener { @Override public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent event) { event.getSession(

How to select the lastrow

:I have an excel sheet it contains data as below: A B C D E F 1 10 11 12 78 452 12 15 15 78 453 17 18 13 7 454 12 45 7 78 785 578 54 45 8

How to use socket service in angular 6? [closed]

:I am new to sockets so i am implementing socket services in angular 6 project..?How to Use Sockets in Angular 6?May be using some cool Socket Examples?Libraries? Tutorials? Blog Articles? 1:How to use socket service in angular 6?1.First you have to cr

innerText property is not encoding the html

:I am trying to assign the comment text to an element, which is supposed to contain some html. So I am trying to encode the comment text before displaying it on the page after submitting. I have tried the following procedure but its not encoding the htm

How to do horizontal parallax scrolling

:I'm using the latest version of Bootstrap, JQuery, and Skrollr.I would like to have a static background and a couple scenes that occur as you scroll by parallax scrolling. I'm able to make scenes as you scroll but I'm looking for a way to where it ap

cudaTextureObject_t compatibility with Fermi

:I have implemented a kernel that process data where the input comes from an cudaTextureObject_t. To increase the throughput of my method, I call this kernel with N different stream objects. Therefore, I create N texture objects that are then passed to th

CorePlot: unable to change pie chart position (displacement)

:I am unable to change the pie chart position (I would like it to be more left in respect to the legend so that the legend does not overlay the pie chart). Basically I would like to shift it towards the left to allow the legend to display. I tried modifyi

Getting wrong PDF page on 64-bit iOS device only

:I have an iOS app that only has a problem on 64 devices. The function where the problem is, is here:- (NSMutableData *)getPage:(NSInteger)pageNumber{ NSLog(@"%ld",(long)pageNumber); CGPDFDocumentRef SourcePDFDocument = CGPDFDocumentCreateWithURL(

Can we create Lucene indexes only once at for initial set up only?

:I am an newbie in Hibernate Search. According to Documentation By default, every time an object is inserted, updated or deleted through Hibernate, Hibernate Search updates the according Lucene index.As I learn till now I come to know that we can buil

Symfony2 Remove UTF-8 BOM from controller responses

:While creating a "force download" action I discovered that ALL responses generated by the controller are including the UTF-8 BOM (). This is not relevant for regular pages, but for downloaded files is undesirable, since JPG or ZIP are reported as co

Abstract Syntax Tree for this case?

:I am trying to create an abstract syntax Tree for the following 2 C/C++/Java code pieces:1) return j++-200*20-++A*72) return j++-200*20-A++*7Can someone please explain their difference when it comes to their AST? 1:return j++ - 200*20 - ++A*7 and retu

Unable to create databases when running RavenDB on IISExpress

:As the title says. (Cross post from the mailing list:!topic/ravendb/hxP3REWVMdg)The iisexpress process is running as the currently logged in user, but I'm only getting Unauthorized error messages when trying to create d

Custom MKPinAnnotationView Colours

:Is it possible to define custom colours for the MKPinAnnotationView colour rather than the default red, green or purple? Docs say no...Thanks 1:    If you want to use annotation with color different from standard ones you should create your own image.

Find value in array and get ID in PHP

:I've 2 arrays with different structures (dimension), i need to find values (post_name) of $first in $second and then get ID from $second in order to create a unique array with post_name of $first and corresponding ID founded in $second. i hope i'm clea

How to change backup location dynamically in sql server

:Requirement : Due to some space issue our scheduled jobs are failing so to avoid this I have developed if FreeSpace is >50 GB then backup to F drive , If FreeSpace is < 50 then backup to G drive .. it has to check the all the drives and change the path a

PyQt5 Could not connect to display

:to learn python I decided to make a small GUI that will interact with a web API. So without much thinking I created a virtual machine with Vagrant (ubuntu/trusty64) and installed PyQt5.I made a small script to create a window (here it is)import sysfrom P

Creating Bucket using LearnBoost/Knox

:working on project where I have to use Amazon S3 services and thus using LearnBoost/knox...want to know how to create a bucket using the knox client. Thanks in advance. 1:I was looking for the answer to this question, and found this unanswered. I end

How do you specify IN clause in a dynamic query using a variable?

:In PL/SQL, you can specify the values for the IN operator using concatenation:v_sql := 'select field1from table1where field2 in (' || v_list || ')';Is it possible to do the same using a variable?v_sql := 'select field1from table1where field2 in (:v_

Open .ISM with InstallShield Limited Edition

:Environment: TFS 2010 + VisualStudio 2010 + InstallShield Limited Edition.I am sorry to be novice about InstallShield. I have a InstallShield project with .ISM extension. Is it possible to load it in InstallShield Limited Edition. I tried but it is not r

Dismissing and Opening a UIPopOver with one UIToolBarItem Button?

:I was wondering how I could use 1 button on my ToolBar to open and dismiss my UIPopOver. If I keep tapping the button right now, another PopOver overlaps the previous one. I want ONE button to be able to dismiss and open my PopOver. I tap once, it opens.

NSNotification in iphone sdk

:what is the use of NSNotification in iphone sdk?Thanks 1:I know this isn't generally a good way to answer questions, but RTFM. NSNotification objects encapsulate information so that it can be broadcast to other objects by an NSNotificationCenter obj

How does Struts create an action bean?

:I use Struts2.x and I know that Struts creates the declared bean objects in the action based on the request so that it is available to the action. I have been researching to understand which interceptors/classes does Struts use internally to create the b

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