Jquery mobile how to force target page refresh after changePage

Is there any way to refresh the target page after changePage.I really search but nothing works for me. 1:Try one of the following solutions:1 - Use $(location).attr('href',your_html.html);Example: Since you're using single page template,

Usb mass storage file system location on QNX

I need my software to be notifed that usb mass storage stick has been inserterd, also i need locationa where this stick has been mounted. Is it possible to obtain this information, especially location on fs where stick has been mounted from

Progress of simulations in headless mode

Is there any way to check the progress of simulations in headless mode as opposed to gui?Basic Code:$ ~/netlogo-5.1.0/netlogo-headless.sh \--model ~/myproject/MyModel.nlogo \--experiment MyExperiment \--table ~/myproject/MyNewOutputData.csv

delphi dictionary iterating

g'morning!i fill a dictionary TDictionary (delphi-collections-unit) with strings as values and several strings as values.something like: names = john, lisa, stanskills = read, write, speakages = 12, 14, 16(without , of

Linked List From Text File

I'm very new to pointers and linked lists but I'm trying to write a simple program that reads in data from a text file into a linked list. I'm having trouble with the input function. It looks like this:DVDNode* CreateList(string fileName){

Want to get previous date from current date

i have problem finding solution on getting previous date from current's date. but i only want the months to change. for example, now is August, i want the output to display 3 months ago = May. Heres my code that i wrotegivenDate= 14-August-

Modal Dialog Box

I have created two forms in my Windows Application.One Form acts as a Form and the other form acts as a MODAL DIALOG BOX.The Form Dialog Box contains a button and One textBox.When this button is clicked the MODAL DIALOGBOX should be display

Passing a method for later evaluation

If I pass a function as an argument, and the function is a jQuery method, will calling the passed function later still correctly set this? I thought it would, but calling the function later has this = Window.Example code:var $input = $('inp

Why cant I set TextView to display incoming call phone number?

I have an app that replaces the standard incoming call screen with my own design. When someone calls, my custom screen pops up. This is good, but for some reason, my app fails to display the incoming phone number. The incoming phone number

Creating CodeMemberMethod from string

I am trying to generate some code using CodeDom. I wanted to know if there is any way to create CodeMemberMethod from a string.I found a method, but it generates assembly from string. I wanted to generate some methods from string. Is there

Hmtl.DropDownList using only ViewBag for selected value

I can create a dropdown list with items from the ViewBag, but there doesn't seem to be a way to select the current item. I'm not using the model to achieve this, just want to use ViewBag, otherwise I'd have to create another model class jus

Avoiding redundancy in updating an object's properties

When I instantiate a new entity, it looks like this:var myEntity = new MyEntity() { Field1 = myValue, Field2 = myOtherValue, ...}This avoids having to write myEntity.Field1 many time.But when I have to update multiple properties, I

Why is my flipview not showing any pictures?

Currently I am able to select multiple files but when I click open, the selected images are not being shown. Instead, Windows.UI.XAML.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage appears as a text. The FlipView functionality is still there though. What am I d

Opening InputStreamReader in the middle of UTF-8 stream

I am using a seekable InputStream which returns the stream to me at a specific position. The underlying data in the stream is encoded with UTF-8. I want to open this stream using inputStreamReader and read one character at a time. Here is m

Does JavaScript have an equivalent of VBScript's ExecuteGlobal?

Is there any alternative of ExecuteGlobal in javascript?Function vbExecuteGlobal(parmSCRIPT) ExecuteGlobal(parmSCRIPT)End FunctionDevGuru [describes the statement] such: The ExecuteGlobal statement takes a single string argument, interp

How to change DataGridView column value based on condition

Is it possible to change the column value or cell value based on the Condition?Consider I am having 3 columns in a DataGridView (i.e) to find the greatest of two numberThe input from DataGridView is got from SQL Server.First Datagridview co

randomized quick sort in Java need a suble fix?

I have implemented the quicksort algorithm that uses the first element of the list as pivot and it worked fine. now I refactored to pick a random index as pivot element, swap with the first element and do the quicksort subroutine. somehow,

Merging two arrays of dictionaries based on a shared value

Let's say I have two arrays of dictionaries:[[id:1,color:orange],[id:2,color:red]]and[[id:1,fruit:pumpkin],[id:2,fruit:strawberry]]How can I merge these based on id so that I get[[id:1,color:orange,fruit:pumpkin],[id:2,color:red,fruit:straw

How to get Object ID as used in Heap Dump

I would like to be able to get the same ID that is being used in Java heap dumps (created via jmap or JMX, etc). This is to be able to identify the live object at the still running application versus an older memory snapshot (the heap dump)

Convert 'Xamarin.Form.Image' type 'byte[]'

I am supposed to get an Image from a url and convert it into byte[]. The following is what I achieved var webImage = new Image { Aspect = Aspect.AspectFit };webImage.Source = ImageSource.FromUri(new Uri(http://xamarin.com/content/images/

ambiguous type error when using type families, and STV is not helping

{-# LANGUAGE Haskell2010 #-}{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-}{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies #-}class PoC m where type Wrapper m :: * -> * wrap :: l -> Wrapper m lI'm working with haskell-src-exts, and I want to upgrade my AST to have fr

issue in order controls in excel userform

I have issue in order controls in excel user form . I need to make the frame above the listbox . Am using the code :With Frame7.Visible = True.ZOrder msoBringToFrontEnd With 1:Not sure if the msoBringToFront is an integer, but the code b

jQuery - If the body has class rtl do this

I try to alert message with iquery when body tag has class rtl .I wrote this code :if ($('#Body')).hasclass(rtl))) { alert(RRRRRRRR TTTTTTTTTTTTTT lllllllllllll);}When I run this don't work anything. 1:You need to use tag selector, not i

Form Submit - Preventing page reload jQuery

I'm building a contact form and i want to submit the data through ajax and display the result back via the same. But whenever user clicks on submit button, the page seems to be submitting automatically. I have used jquery's preventDefault a

VBA: Protection.AllowEditRanges with dynamic range

Yesterday I asked a question (Marking an area with a double For loop) and @Excel Hero gave me a nice response. I have used his code to store a range in a variable 'k':Sub ErosRam() Dim i&, j&, area$, k As Range, r As Range Const COL_P

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