Contact Ringtone set but killed when that contact calls

:I am trying to set a ringtone(mp3 file) stored on my /storage/sdcard0/Ringtones to a contact I wish. On running the app, the ringtone gets saved and I can see it listed when I open that contact. However, when that contact calls.I do not get the call and

“ 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException' occurred in mscorlib.dll” while trying to create fi

:I'm doing this project where I grab some information and save it to a file. While trying to create that file, I always get an System.UnauthorizedAccesssException error. I've tried adding a manifest file and requiring admin, still doesn't work. I've a

Sending Data From background.js to extension.js in crossrider

:I am developing a browser extension using crossrider.I have added a context menu (background.js) var ContextData; appAPI.contextMenu.add("key1", "Send Data To Server", function (data) { var ContextData = 'pageUrl: ' + data.pageUrl + '

What is the criterion to be inline [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: When should I write the keyword 'inline' for a function/method? 12 answers How does compiler calculate which function should be i

Language selection in the combo

:I configured my servlet to support internationalization, just as I showed below:

iOS Google+ SignIn finishedWithAuth not called after application openURL delegate

:iOS Google+ SignIn finishedWithAuth never triggered after the application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation: app delegate method. This was working, but now it does not. The response is: url:com.**************:/oauth2callback?state=19139956&code=4/

Adding a UIButton to UIScrollView

:I am trying to add the UIButton to UIScrollView.I have added the UIImageView with background image *(size: 320 * 620)*.Then I added this UIImageView to UIScrollView, and It works fine.But now I want to add UIButton at position at : (60, 500); (below scre

How to simulate a blocking send() using WSASend() and IOCP?

:Edit:This question is not necessary, as the WSASend() function can inherently be used in a blocking mode, even if the socket has the overlapped attribute and is associated with a completion port. To use it in a blocking mode: just don't supply an overla

can nested function or method call reduce performance of application

:I am developing application using and C# in which our project architecture has lot of nested function calls.public Employe GetEmployeOrder(orderid, employe){ GetEmployeOrderWithDetails(orderid, employe.ShippingId,BillingId); }public Employe

Accessing the Custom Object Return type from ojdbc6 JDBC Thin Drivers

:I'm writing some JDBC code which calls a Oracle 11g PL/SQL procdedure which has a Custom Object return type. I can get the code to call the procedure, but how do I access the returned Custom Object to obtain it's contained values?. An example of my cod

Running a Java program that connects to a localhost database on a different computer

:I've connected my really basic Java application to the Wamp server on my computer using the following codetry { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:mysq

mix more than 2 colors together with javascript

:I´m trying to add in JS colors together. I´m sitting on front of this problem for days now. The problem is the colors are in hex code. Now i´d like to add all the colors together to print and print it out in a div, or something. Could you show me demo pl

VBA code to overwrite cells through moving /shifting up a range of cells

:Hi there i have a data table, as seen from the picture, which changes from time to time. For example if there new data coming up for March'15 i would have to copy and overlap cells from April'14 onwards to March'14. Thereafter i would fill in the info

Reading function from a file in Fortran 90

:I have an optimization solver in Fortran 90. So, if I want to change the objective function I have to modified the main file and write the objective function in this way: subroutine fobj(n,x,f) implicit none integer :: n real(8) :: f real(8)

jQuery plugins - is it a good practice?

:Hey,I am reading about js, jquery & dom from few weeks but today i read a Tutorial in which he uses plugin for delay & ease. Is it a good practice to use plugin?Addition to it :The delay.js code is finished between four to five lines.Maybe we could also

Why Function declaration needed in this? [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Implicit function declarations in C 6 answers Code:#include int navin(); //function declarationint main(){ int i = na

Is it possible to redefine destructor?

:I've encountered a problem with "redefineing" destructor. The thing is I have been given a definition of struct that i cannot modify. It is a "leaf" of a tree. Goal is to free only a part of the tree while returning a pointer to the remaining subtre

Using AsyncTasks as separate public classes

:this question is a continuation of what i have asked orginally here i am trying to find a better way to pass the ArrayList from AsyncTask to the Activity (any activity that calls the AsyncTask) so in my situation i have a which extends

jQuery UI Autocomplete Partial Match

:I am trying to make the jQuery UI Autocomplete search only the first few letters of my strings. I thought I could do a key/ value thing with jQuery UI, but I am not sure if that applies.I have the following string:AGREE Agreement by and between BLANK, i

Default hash values

:I'd like to have a hash with params members with defaults default values:var defaults = { item1: "def1", item2: "def2" };var params = { item2: "param2", item3: "param3" };var result = // some clever code here...console.log(result); // { item1:

How to upload a picture/image from iPhone to App in ActionScript 3?

:I'm building an App with actionscript 3.0 in my Flash builder. but I'm having trouble finding code to use to upload an image in my phone to the app? can you link me/or post to sample code to achieve this task?Thanks!~Myy 1:I believe you are looking

CSS background image that can scroll

:I am trying to create a background image that will have a scroll bar to scroll the image down vertically. I like the idea of using width and height percentages because it seems like this method always fits the image to any screen resolution. Unfortunat

Abstract Syntax Tree for this case?

:I am trying to create an abstract syntax Tree for the following 2 C/C++/Java code pieces:1) return j++-200*20-++A*72) return j++-200*20-A++*7Can someone please explain their difference when it comes to their AST? 1:return j++ - 200*20 - ++A*7 and retu

Domain name changes - how to redirect with ASP MVC 4

:we have change our domain name from to and put a new ASP MVC 4 web site on old.comBecause search engine still point to we would like to redirect some urls to the new one.What is the possible ways to tap into ASP MVC pipeline to re

Target items in an array on click?

:Bear in mind I'm a javascript/jquery/stackoverflow newbie. I have an array of JQuery objects (each one is an image). Right now I've got a separate function for each item in the array:var $photos = [];$photos.push($(''), $('img.two'), $('img

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